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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tips to make small spaces seem larger

It's the minute details that matter the most. Enhance the artistry in interiors to add a few centimetres to mini-corners.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 17, 2020 2:55:58 pm
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In times when compact housing is being explored as the future of spatial design, optimisation of spaces is crucial to bring in openness and airiness for comfortable living. It’s the minute details that matter the most. Enhance the artistry in interiors to add a few centimetres to mini-corners. Exploring pastels, picking home decor items or even putting simple fairy-lights can metamorphise small spaces into brand new areas for newer experiences and novel stories.

Here are a few tips to fabricate spaces with petite dimensions, to make them look and feel bigger than they are.

Less is more

Following the philosophy of ‘less is more definitely works for compact spaces. Starting with the colour palette, use light, natural shades to add more lightness and volume. Picking light pastels works well to add a tint of colour while keeping the interiors subtle. For setting up a formal area such as a living or dining area, a soft colour scheme also lifts the ambience.

Natural lights

What adds to the brightness of the room? Big windows and natural light! These elements add volume to space along with airiness. Harmonise the scheme of walls with high-hanging drapes of the same shade for windows or leave them uncovered to add depth to the abode. Use plain colours or small patterned fabrics to reduce the effect of the enclosure.

Ditch regular doors

Opt for doors that are sliding instead of those with a swing, which is applicable for windows as well, to minimise the space utilisation. “Adding mass to space, furniture plays an important role in adding drama. Always downsize your choices in this category. Either prefer limited, small furniture or pick pieces that are uplifted with legs, which create open spaces. Folding, stacked or wheeled furniture is the perfect alternative to create a space with versatility and dynamism. For example, a room can be a living area in the day and a sleeping area with a versatile folding couch. But the most important aspect to reduce the boxy impact is the arrangement or the layout of these massive items”, suggests Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, Principal Designers and Co-Founders, Quirk Studio.

Create a focal point

Try and experiment with varied layouts with different focal points to create various frames. Distance the furniture from the walls, maybe in the middle to create a focal point and avoid aligning them along the walls. Other furniture pieces such as full-length bookshelves or wall-to-wall shelves add volume.

Create an illusion

To add more space, try creating an illusion. Use transparent or translucent pieces to avoid blocking space. This also brings us to mirrors. “Another way to add volume by illusion is by adding reflective elements to the walls. They add drama as well as a few inches to the frame of vision. A major contributor to the decor is always the artwork. Adding to the impact, one or two oversized artworks manifest a colossal effect to the corners, without adding to the clutter”, adds Bhavsar. Lighting, on the other hand, when used in variety, brings out a stimulating outcome by creating multiple focal points. Experiment with round lamps and hanging slim lights, breaking the uniformity of small spaces.

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