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This monsoon, learn the art of picking fragrances to spruce up your days

With these handy hacks, selecting the ideal fragrance will no longer be a challenging task!

It is important to consider the seasons while picking a fragrance. (Source: Getty Images)

For some of us, identifying fragrances comes easy — just a hint of the scent and we can nail it down to the last element. Whereas for some, the love for fragrances is high but the knack of picking the ideal on the side. Irrespective of whether you are a fragrance lover or an amateur, finding the ideal fragrance that suits your palate and the season can often be a daunting experience. To find a fragrance that appeals to your senses, suits your personality and elevates your mood is of utmost importance. For many of us, the perfume that we use, the fragrance that we prefer can also be an extension of our personality.

“Whether you purchase your perfumes online, or at a retail store, the limited information available about the fragrance often becomes a challenge. While picking a perfume offline you have the opportunity to test it out but after inhaling scent after scent, you end up back at square one and none the wiser. To eliminate any and all confusion and make the optimum use of your time, it is also advisable to start with the very first step i.e. doing your research. Pay attention to what’s right under your nose and make a note of what are the scents that appeal the best to you. Coupled with your initial research, there are some more handy hacks and tips which can help you make the best decision while selecting fragrances, this season,” said Malavika Kalauny, senior manager, fragrance development, SKINN.

To find a fragrance that appeals to your senses, suits your personality and elevates your mood is of utmost importance.(Source: Getty Images)

Understanding the role of seasons

It is important to consider the seasons as well while picking a fragrance, as temperature has a major impact on the perception of the perfumes. Just as you won’t choose to wear flip flops (otherwise ideal for summer) during monsoons, the scents will have to be tweaked accordingly depending upon the season. As monsoon bring cooler temperatures along with it, fragrances with mature notes such as Cedarwood, or earthy or suave notes of Vetiver would be an ideal choice that fits best for the season.

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Switching the monsoon gloom into bloom

Just as the days during monsoon are unpredictable, our mood may vary throughout the days. In these moments, a whiff of a fresh fragrance or a spray of your favourite scent can go a long way towards taking your mood out of the ditches. For some, monsoons bring a melancholic feeling, and should go for fragrances with notes of energising lemon, fresh bergamot, and grapefruit. For some, monsoon brings out the romantics in them, and fragrances with notes of sensual violet, in a bouquet of romantic rose petals and rich peach rose would elevate the entire emotion for them. And for the ones who want to experience the feeling of raindrops falling upon them without stepping outside, selecting a fragrance with notes of sparkling lemon and dewy green accords on marine notes will do the trick.

Sampling scents for monsoon the correct way

Sampling fragrances before selecting them is one of the most important parts of selecting your ideal fragrance for monsoons. We often determine our first impression of a fragrance merely by spraying it in the air or sampling it on the tester. In order to get a complete picture of the fragrance and your preference for it, spray it lightly on warm parts of your body like the wrist. Spray it on a pulse point, and avoid rubbing it, and the natural warmth of the body will help heat up the fragrance and reveal its essence, thus giving you an overall sense of the aroma.

Mix and match with care


The adage that variety adds spice holds true for perfumes as well, as you can derive great results from a mix and match combo. However, just like oil and water don’t blend together, there are certain notes of fragrances that are best avoided whereas some are even better together. For starters, if you are a beginner at mixing then focus primarily on two fragrances. Spray the first one, followed by the next first on a piece of paper, and then on the same body part once you are happy with the result. Floral perfumes offer a great foundation for mixing, and if you anchor with fragrances containing flower notes, you will certainly have something that you both love and find suitable for monsoons. Stay in the same fragrance family for best results, and avoid spicy or woody fragrances with sporty or watery ones.

With these handy hacks, selecting the ideal fragrance will no longer be a challenging task for these monsoons. “The key to a successful quest of finding your favourite fragrance lies in understanding what scents you enjoy and knowing how best to identify what appeals to you. Without further ado, get going on getting your fragrance for this monsoon season,” she added.

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First published on: 31-07-2021 at 17:30 IST
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