Ten deadly friends you should avoid

You should be careful while choosing friends. They should prove to be assets, rather than liabilities. Here're ten friends you should definitely avoid.

Written by Khyati Rajvanshi | New Delhi | Published: July 18, 2014 5:35:17 pm

There are things in life that one can choose and one can’t. Your parents, siblings and even the place you were born at are not in your hands. What is in your hands is the people you choose to hang out with. So, let me help you filter few personalities from your list of friends or acquaintances.

1. Gossip Queen

Let us begin with the well-known attention-seeking people in our society. Everyone has that one friend who will gossip her way through her entire life, just to seek admiration and attention from the people around her. Does not matter if the information she spreads is true or not, as long as people laugh with her, she will continue buzzing around with her loud mouth. You clearly can’t depend on such people because you never know if they are gossiping about you behind your back or not. True gossip Queens don’t even spare their own loved ones and if you think you are safe from their web of truth and lies, then you are mistaken. The more she gets to know about you, the more you are vulnerable to becoming her next victim. There is a thin line between love and hate when it comes to the Gossip Queen, and the minute you upset her, she will slaughter you with her professional ability to harm people’s self esteems just by using mere petty words and scenarios.


2. The Money Lover

There are two types of money lovers – ones who wish they could eat money, drink money and if possible, even sleep on a bed made out of money. The second type are the ones who have a lot of money but will die inside just by thinking of spending it anywhere. You can find the first specie almost anywhere these days, as they are common and they openly admit that they want to be rich in future. The second specie does not believe in boasting about money, instead they whine and cry about how costly things are and why brands rob people these days. These kind of people turn out to be the worst people to go out shopping with. They will nag, and whine the entire time and if that wasn’t enough, keep pointing out how rich you are if you buy anything.


3. The Egoistic freak

Ego is something that every individual has. It is the level of it that varies from person to person. If you have a friend that loves to place his arguments before yours and cut off all your opinions because they don’t’ match the level of his, then with no doubt you are dealing with an egoistic freak. Egoistic people can fight for their own self for hours and no matter what you say or do, they will still think that they are the best in everything. Admitting they are wrong could be equivalent of getting naked in public for these kinds of people. It is downright humiliating and degrading if anyone can prove them wrong in any argument. So, the only way to deal with them is to agree with what they are saying and show no sign or displeasure on your face, even though you are secretly punching them in your head.


4. Mr. Drunk Devdas

As if Shahrukh Khan wasn’t enough, people have chosen to become like his famous character Devdas and do nothing but mope around all day and cry about the memories they shared with their so called love interest. I personally know such people who keep on viewing their life negatively due to a break up or fight. Kids these days change their boyfriend and girlfriend more quickly than their mobile phones and aim to emotionally displease not only themselves, but also their friends. I understand if you really liked someone and you are sad about not being with them anymore,but drinking and sulking all day and crying over the phone with your friends while reminiscing about all those precious memories, is not going to help you or anyone around. These people will find any reason to talk about their ex lover and will not shut up until they drown you in their tears or ruin your day. The worse part is, as a friend, you can’t even tell them to shut up or walk away.


5. Miss Judgy Pants

One look. One look is all they need to judge you. These kind of lovely human beings will judge you based on- what clothes you are wearing, how you are walking, how you are talking, who are you talking to, how is your face and most importantly how good you look compared to them. Miss Judgy Pants can be found so easily these days. They watch your every move like a hawk and judge you constantly, even as they are speaking to you. They will make a mental list of everything that defines you and form more mental judgements based on that. The only way I found effective for them to stop judging you is by simply joining them in the whole “Lets judge people” event and talk about others. Not sure if these people fit in the Egoistic Freak category, but it is safe to say that, to some extent, their ego gets fed by judging and making fun of others. Judgemental people can also turn to be bullies and mentally harass people on the Internet or in person or even through texts. It gets worse when they form beehives just to sting your self-esteem. You can either avoid them or be them. No other way round.


6. The Competitive Loser

1..2..3…boom – and the never-ending competition starts of who is better than whom. The competitive loser will continuously keep reminding you that everything in life is hard to get and when you get it, you are the king of the world. Some people even love competing with themselves or worse with you but only in their tiny brain. If you get an A+ in your assignment or you earn some sort of achievement, the competitive loser will boast your ego by congratulating you just to let it down by either criticizing or mocking it by their words or actions. My advice is just to take their competitive nature as a sport and go along with it, or if it gets too intense, avoid it.


7. Mr. Jelly Belly

I will be down right straight with you on this one. If a friend of yours is jealous concerning anything to do with you or is envious about things you do, then you have got to have a big no no for such people. Friends aren’t supposed to envy or despise you when you are happy. Friendship is all about sharing your happy moments with someone and seeing the same amount of proudness and delight in their eyes as you would see in your family’s. Mr. Jelly Belly exsists mostly in the shadows. He will smile but boil on the inside, wishing he had things better in his life. You can see the fuming thoughts in his eyes, and he might even say things out loud such as “Don’t rub it in my face” or “This is nothing, I have done better things like bla bla bla”. Such people are never satisfied with what life offers them and always keep a look out for other opportunities. I personally cannot stand such people. The best way I know to deal with them is to smile and be more cheery around them. If not guilt, atleast annoyance and envy will wash over their body instantly. Remember to always keep your head up and smile because Mr. Jelly Belly hates Happy-go-lucky people.

Jelly Belly

8. The not so innocent cutie

We all have that one cute and bubbly friend who will see rainbows even in horrible situations. I don’t know if they are so highly positive about things or it is just their defence machanism to just pretend life is beautiful at each turn. In most of the cases, the whole innocence act is fake. Such people innocently come into your lives and feed on your good side like tiny mosquitos and the next thing you know, you are being backstabbed or let down by them. There is not a worse feeling than to get cheated on by a friend, thus watch out for the sugary smiles and try to understand what is the motive behind such people’s actions.

Not innocent

9. The Digger

Dig. Dig. Dig. Dig. Digging for information or any kind of gossip or news is the daily routine for some people. ‘Who, what, why, where, how and when” are their favourite basic questions and they love to repeat them from time to time. Such friends turn out to be amazing listeners. At one point you will actually feel so loved and cared for just by looking at their attention span. They can sit for hours besides you and dig into your life. After knowing all details about you, they tend to compare, relate and analyze the things you have said. You can clearly see the smile in their eyes sometimes when you whine about your life. Misery loves company but in this case, amusement loves misery. Your sad news amuses them and your happy news makes them wonder how long the happiness is going to last with you. The best way to halt their digging is to be vague and distractive.


10. Two-faced Vamp

These kinds of people are natural born actors. If there was a category in the Oscars for The Best Fake Smile, there would have to be a massive competition to grab hold of that. They are like flies looking for sugar to feed on. A friend who has this type of personality reminds me of sweet and sour candy bars. You love being around that person when he/she is all sweet but when their alter sour personality comes out, you run for the hills. I personally believe that these type of people watch daily soaps and get inspired by the negative ‘Vamp’ role in them. They will be sweet and sugary to your face but in their heads, they will be happily digging a grave for you. You really can’t rely on them to have your back in dangerous or tough situations because their support and loyalty wavers from time to time. One thing they are good at is maintaining their ambitions. They will happily cut, shoot or even stab their way to their set goals in life.

Two Faced Vamp

The only way to be a 100% abstinence towards them is to trust your gut feeling. If you feel that your friend is not so honest and sincere in his thoughts, then you better watch out, you just might be dealing with a Two-faced Vamp.

“Friendship is the purest love. It is the highest form of Love where nothing is asked for, no condition, where one simply enjoys giving.” Osho

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