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Thursday, August 18, 2022

How should you spend your Sunday? Here’s what your zodiac sign says

Lighten up your mood this Sunday with this useful guide based on your zodiac sign

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After a full week of work, everyone needs the perfect weekend to unwind. While on Saturdays we are usually more relaxed, knowing that it is followed by a Sunday, the same is not true for the last day of the week. On Sunday, Monday blues kick in. We can, however, make the best of the day by choosing something fun to do in accordance with our zodiac signs, suggests Pandit Jagannath GuruJi, an astrologer, prophesier, and philanthropist.

Keep in mind the definition of a ‘perfect Sunday’ varies from person to person — whether it’s hitting the town with friends or curling up together with your favorite book.


A winner at heart, they love competition and sports. Sundays are perfect to flex your muscles. If an individual sport is more your style, try your hand at bowling or golf. You will be surprised with how fun-filled your day is.

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Although Taurus is usually considered reliable and responsible, they all have a deeply-materialistic side. You can spend your weekend by indulging yourself in elements of beauty. You can visit your favourite museum or an exciting outing to a local art show.


Despite their confusing twin personalities, Geminis are actually a lot of fun. They are known for their versatile, fun-loving nature that’s always seeking new experiences. Since they crave amusement, Gemini’s preferred weekend activity is to see a movie. Gemini’s weekend will never be boring and they love to travel and change their surroundings.


Cancer is the ultimate homebody. Although their social life is important to them, they are just as happy to sit on the couch all day and indulge in the creature comforts around them. Cancers can spend their Sunday binge watching their favorite Netflix series. In fact, it’s their preferred method of relaxation on the weekend.

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Friends are one of your strong points. You draw your strength from social connections. Make some plans with your friends this Sunday to go out! Get all dolled up and find a club or go for concert and you can spend your perfect weekend in spa as it’s your favorite weekend activity.


You don’t like to sit at home on Sunday! Take a hike, bike ride, or get out to the beach. Do whatever you can to use nature to replenish yourself after a hard week.


Librans are obsessed with balance and harmony, they want to experience total peace and fulfillment, so their Sundays are often spent hiking. Libra loves exploring new environments, getting out into nature and escaping from the stress waiting for them back at home.



Calm, cool, and collected — that’s pretty much everything you can expect from a Scorpio. They know how to have fun, their passionate personality means that every activity can be the best time for all involved. Use that energy to plan a fun night-out together with your friends. Get your karaoke on or throw a party with some close friends.


Always the explorer, Sagittarians. Find time to plan a trip somewhere local for the best time ever. Get some close friends for a road trip or adventure to some local attraction. You can even visit a local comedy club! It will be a humour-filled way to spend your Sunday.

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Your love for family always comes first, so plan a fun family get-together this weekend to reconnect with your loved ones. A picnic, bowling game, movies with relatives that you may not have seen for a while are all great ideas. If you want some alone time, head to a concert or other artistic performance to enjoy your love of all things creative.



It’s all about fun for an Aquarius! Sunday is a perfect time to hang out with friend. Go out, and plan the perfect brunch you have been meaning to have.



You hate being alone, Pisces, so make this weekend all about being social. Plan a dinner with some friends one night and see a movie to keep those relationships thriving.

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First published on: 31-01-2021 at 09:10:49 am
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