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Sunday Zodiac: Astrological signs that are born leaders

Do you possess leadership qualities? Find out!

zodiacThese signs have leadership qualities (source:Gettyimages/Thinkstock)

There are some people who like to follow, and then there are those who love to lead. Some zodiac signs have an in-born talent to lead. Here are five such zodiac signs, as listed by celebrity astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji.


This zodiac sign is a born leader. They are determined, logical and like to help others achieve their best. They tend to make the best bosses as they keep emotions out of the equation.


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This zodiac sign is among the best leaders. They are humanitarians who lead with purpose. They don’t just want to order around, but keep the development of the company in mind.


This zodiac sign makes a great boss. They are, however, the last one to micro-manage. They are good at and take interest in self-exploration and creativity. They lay importance on finding independence.


Librans make good bosses as well. They are fair, clear-minded, and they look at things morally. They love people and they do not like conflicts. They thrive as leaders and are mostly good at it.


This zodiac sign is well-appreciated as a boss. They are particular about many things. The downside is that they are very stubborn and micro-manage everything. If you are an asset, Taurus will make sure you know it and they will reward you.


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First published on: 05-06-2022 at 09:10:56 am
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