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Sunday Zodiac: How to keep yourself active; here’s what your sign says

Your Sunday zodiac predictions are here to help you seize opportunities and make them count

Sunday ZodiacThe best way out is to balance it out by sticking to your routine most of the time, and having a lazy day once in a while. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

While most of us tend to feel lazy on Sundays, it is a good idea to not let it disturb your daily routine. The best way is to balance it out by sticking to your schedule and having a lazy day once a while. Jeevika Sharma, tarot card reader and guidance counsellor suggests how this Sunday will turn out for each zodiac sign, and what they can do to remain active.


You often tend to stay alone during Sundays and prefer to enjoy your own company which makes you lazy and less active. It is advisable that this Sunday you connect with or meet with friends or any new people to keep yourself active throughout the day.


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Aquarians usually find themselves guiding other people which keeps them engaged and active. So, they are advised to not drift from it and just follow their normal routine to stay active on Sunday. There is nothing new they can find which could keep them active.


Pisces, this Sunday, should seek for something adventurous to keep themselves busy and active. If you are unable to leave your house due to curfew or lockdown,then you could try reading books or, watching some show or movie.


Travelling is an option to choose which would keep Aries active this Sunday. Be it a short trip or a long one, it counts. One can also look for travel vlogs or series to keep themselves active if they are unable to go out of their house.


You should always focus on controlling your anger or aggression and stay calm all the time. Try talking to your friends or try to be friendly with those connected to you or around you. If you manage to stay calm, only then would you be able to stay active and increase your productivity.

Sunday zodiac Libra should try meditation or get involved in some spiritual practice to keep themselves active this Sunday. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)



They should focus on understating the world and the people around them to keep themselves active this Sunday. Observing and getting to know the real intention of other people will keep them engaged throughout the day.


Cancer should use this Sunday to plan their financial investments or look up any possible saving options to keep them busy throughout the day. All the research work required will keep them active and they will end up taking a good decision related to their finances.


Leos really need to get out of their comfort zone. They should try something which is new to them and if they are waiting for a specific thing, they should break the barriers and take initiative if they wish to reach their desired goal.



Your work will keep you active the whole day this Sunday. Refrain from sitting idle and instead look for opportunities that will keep you occupied. It doesn’t matter if it is office work or any other household work.


Libra should try meditation or get involved in some spiritual practice to keep themselves active this Sunday. Meditation will help remove all your tiredness and will reinvigorate your mind. A calm and clear mind will help you improve your focus and boost your productivity.


For Scorpios. it is advisable that they should increase their participation in any decision-making process that matters. It can be either related to their personal life or their professional life. Also, spending some good time with their partner can also keep them busy.


They should try looking out for a peaceful time. It can be visiting a peaceful location or listening to soothing music or being engaged in any type of activity that leaves them in a peaceful state of mind.


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First published on: 20-06-2021 at 09:10:24 am
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