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Sunday Zodiac: What the financial situation will look like for each sign in 2022

How are your finances placed come 2022? Find out here

2022Here's what the stars have in store for you (Source: Pixabay)

Our finances determine the way we lead our lives. Our love for travelling or procuring luxurious possessions are all dependent on the mercy of our monetary condition. “Lack or adequacy of wealth is determined a great deal by our zodiac signs, which tend to influence our lives in multiple ways,” says astrologer and prophesier Pandit Jagannath Guruji.

According to him, this is how finances of each zodiac sign will look like in the year 2022.


There may be some major obstacles, especially during the first few months of the new year. A few of them are expected to battle some health complications, which would deal a blow to their coffer. As the months go by, they would succeed in restoring the lost wealth.

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The Taurus natives have had to traverse through a tumultuous path to retain their financial prowess in 2021, owing to unforeseen challenges on several fronts. In 2022, those hailing from this zodiac sign may come across additional income from unprecedented sources. The flow will remain intact till the end of the year.


Gemini natives are likely to remain focused on career and health. They would avoid taking risks and would definitely not take chances on their professional growth. It is expected that their finances would remain stable throughout the year.


There might be some rapid growth in the financial condition of the Cancer natives, especially during the first two quarters of the year. They need to spend their money judiciously if they do not want to be left wanting for more.


Though there wouldn’t be much dent on their finances in the initial half of the year, Leos would keep facing some or the other monetary issue till the end of 2022. All they need to do is keep working in a planned manner if they want to gain success.



The financial and monetary conditions of the Virgo natives would remain quite stable. There might be occasions when they would have to borrow money from someone or take a formal loan, but all these troubles are temporary.


Libra natives are not concerned about their financial issues per se. They rather want to focus on keeping check on their health and fitness. There might be some major issues but they would be able to handle the situation.



Though the people hailing from this zodiac sign would be in a comfortable position with regard to their finances, they would not be able to stop themselves from overspending. They need to get a proper budget framework in place.


Self-confidence would be the driving force for Sagittarians for their career growth, as well as finances. The income might appear to be receding at times but it would not affect their life in the long run.


The plans that Capricorn natives have been making for the past year would finally get translated into action. This would result in the betterment of their financial situations.


The financial and monetary trajectory of the Aquarius natives would not move on a set pattern in the year 2022. They would need to take some instant decisions to keep the momentum going.



Pisces natives would be considered miser by many, as they would not indulge in any extra expenditure during the period. They need to look for some additional source of income.

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First published on: 26-12-2021 at 09:10 IST
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