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Monday, July 13, 2020

The skin neutrality movement is redefining beauty standards

As a belief, the movement endorses that our skin is just another extension of our body and good or bad, it simply shouldn't be the focal point of the conversation.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: January 24, 2020 5:40:19 pm
skin neutrality. skin positive movement, skin neutrality movement, body positive, indian express, skincare, lifestyle Skin simply put is just skin. (Photo: Thinkstock Images/ Designed by Rajan Sharma)

Over the decade, we have witnessed cult beauty standards crumble under the weight of body positivity. With social media being the voice for today and mobilising people for causes that matter, among the key e-movements is skin neutrality.

The movement is wiping away standards that are implausible and giving us the chance to embrace a variety of skin conditions like rosacea, cystic acne and more. Tired of witnessing near-perfect faces and skin and after years of pressure to gain the not-so-needed aesthetic perfection, the skin neutrality movement started out almost as an off-shoot of the body positivity movement.

The movement has its foundation in the values of gaining confidence, reducing stigma and ending the shame surrounding visible skin conditions. It also aims to make people aware of the lack of understanding of most skin problems.

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A new kind of #texturetuesday ✨ Skin doesn't look like glass. Or like a dolphin, or a seal, or any kind of exceptionally shiny sea creature. It doesn't look like Saran Wrap or a dumpling. Skin sometimes has pimples and dry patches and flakes, and always has texture and pores. This picture was from a couple months ago, when I was going through some serious hormonal shifts, and I see it as the ultimate example of healthy skin. HEALTHY SKIN COMMUNICATES WITH YOU. My skin *literally* was showing me that my hormones were imbalanced and needed attention (among other things). That is, essentially, the skin's job. Any type of texture is a communication, and I would never want to cut off that communication for the sake of looking like a transparent shard of molten sand. . #healthyskin #skinneutrality #acneneutrality #skinpositive #skinpositivity #skinneutrality #acneneutral #natraulskincare #simpleskincare

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As a belief, the movement endorses that our skin is just another extension of our body and good or bad, it simply shouldn’t be the focal point of the conversation. While it spreads the message of loving our skin and embracing our flaws, it also helps us distance ourselves from aiming to make our skin look a certain way. Thankfully, the movement gives us enough reason to hold off our pursuit for perfection, because it can all too easily get wearisome and take a toll on us. The movement wants us to feel beautiful despite a growing industry placing prominence on old beauty standards.

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I have had acne for the majority of my 20’s and this past year is the first time in my adult life that I have actually felt somewhat okay with my skin. It’s equally heartbreaking and frustrating to think back on all of the time, energy that have been spent on putting myself down. . All of the times I stayed home from University . All of the times I felt unworthy of love . All of the days spent isolated in my apartment . All of the energy spent on analyzing other people’s glances . All of mornings feeling defeated looking into the bathroom mirror . All of the time spent applying makeup . All of the late nights searching the internet in hopes of finding out what was wrong with me and how I could be fixed with just that one miracle remedy . Hopeless cycles of striving and longing for all that I wasn’t. All of the effort I have had to put in to unlearn my old thought patterns and beliefs this past year. All of the time and energy that could’ve been spent on something fruitful. . I have had acne for the majority of my adult life, and last year was the first time I realized that I could actually accept having skin with imperfections. So now that my skin is breaking out again after investing 6 months of medication to treat my skin, I’m thankful to have found a change of mindset. If I wouldn’t have found acceptance I’m 100% certain that it would have had devastating effects on my mental health once again. I would have been thrown right in toxic patterns of avoiding social situations, distancing myself from people and hating myself. . So even if it’s equally heartbreaking as it is frustrating to think back on all of the time and energy that I put into self loathing, I am thankful to have found acceptance this past year. I’m confident that it’ll serve me well for the years to come🧡 . #skinpositivity #acnepositivity #acnepositive #skinpositive #normalizeacne #normalizeskintexture #skinneutrality #selfacceptance #acne #acnescars

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The crux of the movement lies in not placing your self-worth in skin that is defined as flawless because everyone has flaws and issues. This can only happen when we make peace with our beauty and protect ourselves from external insecurities surrounding us.

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