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Combat rosacea with these 4 skin-friendly ingredients

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes red, inflamed patches or dry flushed skin

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Of the many skin conditions that affect people, rosacea is a common one. An inflammatory condition that causes red, inflamed patches or dry flushed skin, rosacea may not persist for a long time, but keeps appearing in cycles. While one must consult a dermatologist for treatment, using some soothing ingredients can help to a large extent.

Below, Dr Geetika Mittal, a dermatologist, shares four ingredients that can be helpful for those who experience this skin condition.

Zinc oxide sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for all skin types. But, choosing the right sunscreen when you have rosacea can be tricky. In such situations, a zinc oxide sunscreen can help. “Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and is great and soothing skin. Opt for a zinc oxide sunscreen to help minimise redness and protect the skin,” she wrote on Instagram.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is likely to find mention on all lists pertaining to skin-friendly ingredients — after all, it is one of the most soothing ingredients for all skin types. “This miracle-healer is a natural alternative to treat rosacea-prone skin,” she added. Want to select the right aloe vera gel for yourself? Check out our guide here.  

Shea butter

“Rosacea can wreak havoc on the moisture barrier of the skin. Shea butter helps bring moisture back into the skin and reduce redness,” she added.



While calendula is great for those with oily skin because it is light and hydrating, it is equally good for those with rosacea. The dermatologist said: “Extracted from marigold flowers, calendula has healing properties to help soothe redness and keep breakouts at bay.”

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First published on: 23-03-2021 at 16:40 IST
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