Rohit Bal takes inspiration from ‘luscious chrysanthemums’ for his range of bags

Rohit Bal takes inspiration from ‘luscious chrysanthemums’ for his range of bags

Rohit Bal, in collaboration with a Swedish beauty brand, launched the collection Guldastah bringing forth the amalgamation of beauty and fashion.

This is Oriflame’s second collaboration with the Indian designer Rohit Bal. (Source: Shambhavi Dutta/designed by Gargi Singh)

The beginning of October saw the collaboration of Indian designer Rohit Bal and a Swedish beauty brand at the Lalit, New Delhi to celebrate beauty in its all forms, through the collection Guldastah. The bags, ranging from bucket bags to wallets and totes, showcased by models were intricately designed with motifs of chrysanthemums.

Bal remarked, “I’ve used a unique colour for the chrysanthemums to emphasise the need for artistic freedom. Moreover, chrysanthemums are luscious, symbolising joy and happiness. I also find beauty in tulips, magnolias, lotuses (my favourite) and irises.”

Widell emphasised on how Rohit Bal and Oriflame seamlessly complemented each other. (Image source: Shambhavi Dutta/ Indian Express)
Guldastah collection by Rohit Bal for Oriflame. (Image source: Shambhavi Dutta/ Indian Express)

Bright colours have been in trend whether it is the fashion or beauty industry. The Indian designer believes that life is all about colour and remarks, “I just feel everything has its own beauty.”

The bags are available exclusively through Oriflame consultants. Frederic Widell, VP and head of Oriflame South Asia as well as managing director of India, at the launch remarked, “We are very proud to announce our collaboration with Rohit Bal. The inspiration for guldastah came from all the beauty present in this world.”

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