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Simple tips for glowing skin in 2021

These tips will make sure your skin glows like never before!

skincare, tanning, ageing, natural ingredientsPamper your skin with these cues. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

When you are a beauty junkie and look forward to celebrations, you also want to make sure that you look splendid as you welcome the new year with nothing but an ever-so gleaming skin. Wondering how to get glowing skin this joyous season? Skincare expert from Aureana has some major cues for you.

Exfoliate dead skin cells away

Despite us not stepping out– our skin does end up looking dull and tired because of the dust and dirt build-up. That is why exfoliation becomes all the more important. The skincare expert suggests two ways to go about doing exfoliation — “Physical exfoliation involves ingredients like clinically formulated microbeads or DIY ingredients like sugar. Chemical exfoliation refers to concentrated ingredients like AHAs and BHAs.”

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However, if you’re looking for an affordable alternative — here is a DIY. All you have to do is scoop a little sugar, mix it with some carrier oil and scrub your face gently. “Sugar is a great DIY ingredient as it dissolves gradually when it comes in contact with the skin and doesn’t leave it irritated or red,” says the skincare expert. 

Moisturiser to the rescue 

The importance of moisturiser cannot be stressed upon — especially in winters. So, do your skin a favour and put dollops of moisturiser on it and give it a good massage till it’s it has been absorbed to its last bit. “People with oily skin must also indulge in using a moisturiser on a daily basis because despite one having oily skin, it is still important to apply one. Otherwise, your face will start producing more oil to compensate for the dryness,” adds the expert. 

Take out time for masking

While masking has taken on a different meaning in 2020 — it has only made way for ‘maskne’, a not-so-welcomed occurrence where break-outs pop up mostly in the jaw and lower cheek areas. 


In order to combat this, the skincare expert says, “Apply a good hydrating and nourishing face mask or make a DIY mask with honey as it restores hydration and provides you with a generous glow!” Keep it on for half an hour while you unwind in a cosy nook as you sip on hot chocolate.

Facial gym

The expert says that, “while the term sounds fancy but thankfully facial gyms don’t require one to burn their pockets.” All you need is a gua-sha or a jade roller along with a rich facial oil or a serum. “Lather some of the product and gently massage your face with any of the aforementioned tools. This helps increase blood circulation. Furthermore, it reduces dullness,” says the expert. 


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First published on: 01-01-2021 at 06:10:15 pm
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