Redundant and useless: 10 plus things that you can stop doing from today

Redundant and useless: 10 plus things that you can stop doing from today

In our everyday life, there are common practices that we follow are quite redundant, from storing eggs and tomatoes in the fridge to carrying carrying toiletries in your vacation. Here is a list of things you could consider quitting altogether.

Stop putting bananas, jams, ketchups, eggs, breads and other things in your refrigerator. (Source: Thinkstock images)

A while back, a list published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said doctors have been giving patients too many tests and drugs they don’t need. This took the world by surprise. The academy, which represents all 21 medical royal colleges in the United Kingdom, listed over 40 things in a statement that medical practitioners and doctors should reconsider. From stating that while treating back pain, it’s not necessary to get an x-rays to routine screening programmes do not exist for dementia, the list gave away many befooling.

But what about the other common practices that we follow in our everyday life that are quite redundant? Shouldn’t we just get away with them? Apart from avoiding the simple demeaning hacks like self pity and over expectations etc to lead a happy life there are plenty of things we that can be done away with – like pressing the close button in a lift, how is that necessary anyway!

We list a few of the things we should definitely start reconsidering:

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Some studies even suggest people need not floss their teeth anymore because it actually doesn’t help. (Source: Pixabay)

>> Stop carrying toiletries in your vacation: Wherever you are visiting ample shops would be there for your needs such as soaps, shampoos and even toothpaste and brush. You may only consider it if you are on a voyage to Sahara desert or a no-manned island.


>> Stop peeling vegetables and fruits: Doctors and scientists over the years have reminded us about the benefits of the fibres and how essential they are to fight cholesterol. Well we peel off the cover and then go on having multigrain flour with additional husk!

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Just hydrate as much as you need. (Source: Pixabay)

>> Drink eight glasses of water daily: Researchers have said it over and over again, “water is certainly not your only source of hydration.” According to a report published in the BMJ medical journal this had topped the list of medical myths in 2007.

>> Stop overusing your fridge: Stop putting bananas, jams, ketchups, eggs, breads and other things in your refrigerator. While fruits and vegetable seem to lose their juiciness and taste, jams and ketchups have preservatives already, so stop stocking them up.

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You might find it strange but by not washing you may increase the durability of your lovely pair. (Source: Pixabay)

>> Do not wash your pair of jeans: Yes you read it right. Get away with washing those heavy wagons every time they get dirty after a few days you wear it. Levi Strauss & Co. CEO, Chip Bergh, suggested people need not “waste water” washing their jeans and contribute to the sustainability to the world.

>> Do not wash your hair daily: Excess exposure to chemicals and artificial ingredients kill the essential oil in your making them dry and frizzy. Wash as necessary. A Web MD report clearly lists only in very humid parts of the world people need regular shampooing.

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The present-day browsers do a better job, so relax. (Source: Pixabay)

>> Stop buying anti-virus for your computer: Most browsers now have a content-verification system that does the job. In fact, an advisory issued by the US-CERT said, some of these anti-viruses “contain multiple vulnerabilities” that “could allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.”

>> No need to do stretching before workout: Research suggests that stretching before exercise is unlikely to reduce your risk of injury, improve your performance or prevent sore muscles. Dr Anthony D Kay, who was the lead author on one of the largest reviews on pre-performance stretching, believes the reduction in performance from pre-exercise stretching has been overstated.

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If everything is available on Internet why head to a office?(Source: Thinkstock images)

>> No need for a travel agent: There are plenty of online site that helps you plan a perfect trip and also get you amazing deals to have the best experience. You need not fish out time to visit someone at their office while you can do the same thing relaxing on your couch with just a few clicks.


Handsome man sleeping in his bedroom. Man sleeping with alarm clock in foreground. Serene latin man sleeping peacefully.
Discover the benefits of power napping, it might even save you from many chronic illness. (Source: Thinkstock images)

>> Napping: Heard of power napping? Well, the “siesta habit” is associated with a 37 per cent reduction in coronary deaths, possibly because of reduced cardiovascular stress associated with daytime sleep, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. So, it’s time you access the benefits of minimum 6-7 hours sleep.

>> Eating certain portions of fruit daily: Many countries like that of the UK, Australia and Denmark citizens are advised to have five portions of fruit or above. But what does this fixed number of portions lead to, nothing, to be exact. What is important to have a balanced diet.

Is this still fine? Senior man in his kitchen by the fridge, looking at the expiry date of a product she took from her fridge -
Is this still fine? Looking at the expiry date of a product is quite over-rated. (Thinkstock images)

>> Throwing away out-of-date food: Perishable items such as bread, sweets and even milk have “to be consumed before” dates but we often miss it, but that necessarily does not mean it has been poisonous. Food specialists and even chefs around the world have suggested until it smells awful it can be consumed few days later without causing any harm.

>> Having Vitamin C supplements: Many people believe right before onset of winter some Vitamin C tablets would prevent the daily suffering of sneezing and coughing. In fact researchers have highlighted the risks of consuming high dose of the vitamin. From cancer to renal complication, the excess concentration in our blood may be fatal.


>> Well, you can also think of not learning to drive. After all from Tesla to Google everyone is out with their self-driving cars, isn’t it?