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Friday, August 19, 2022

Radhika Apte: Thin or curvy, love yourself the way you are

"In our society, people are expected to have an ideal shape and size. They are expected to fit into the smallest size. Everyone should accept and love themselves regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance."

radhika apte, radhika apte fashion, radhika apte photos, radhika apte films, radhika apte indian express lifestyle “I absolutely love experimenting with my looks when it comes to award nights and my red carpet looks,” says the Phobia actor. (Designed by Gargi Singh)

From Parched and Andhadhun to Sacred Games and Lust Stories, every performance of Radhika Apte stays with you long after it is over. But it is not only her performances; the actor is equally impressive with her sartorial choices. Even though she likes to keep it comfortable, she is open to experimenting with her looks and goes all out when needed. In an email interview with, the actor, who has recently launched a line of clothing in collaboration with IS.U, talks about her collection, fashion trends and her guilty indulgence.


You come across as someone who prefers comfort over fashion. What do you keep in mind when selecting an outfit?

Yes, absolutely, I prefer comfort over fashion. When I select an outfit, I make sure it’s not heavy. It should fit me well. Even if it is loose, the fit should be good. The fabric is very important. It should feel good against my skin and shouldn’t irritate it.

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You have also often experimented with your looks, especially at award nights and red carpet events. How comfortable are you about coming out of your comfort zone?

I absolutely love experimenting with my looks when it comes to award nights and my red carpet looks. I have great stylists working with me. I love coming out of my comfort zone because you need to try different things. They know what they are doing, and we trust them. Sometimes, if it’s over the top or getting uncomfortable, I would skip it. I might wear that outfit if it’s a very big event and I have to wear a dress. If it’s a smaller event, I wouldn’t kill myself with massive heels and heavy-duty outfits.

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How would you define your personal style?

My personal style is very simple and minimalist. I love neutral colours. Black is an all-time favourite of mine.


Which fashion trend (could be colour, print, style) is a big no-no for you?

I don’t like my outfits to be heavy. I don’t wear too many colours. I love my neutrals. Also, anything shiny or with glitter is a big no for me.

Many times celebs are criticised for their looks on social media. How do you deal with such situations?


I don’t read the comments very much. So, I don’t know if I am criticised or not, really. To be honest, criticism is not bad. You can read it and see whether it makes sense to you. If there’s something that’s not good about an outfit, you can make it better the next time.

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Are you someone who trusts their stylist blindly, or do you like to give inputs?

No, I do give inputs. I think it’s a collaboration. Sometimes, I go along if they say just trust us and do it this time. At other times, I put my foot down. But I feel over a period of time, you learn to work together and understand each other’s likes and dislikes.

Who, according to you, is the most stylish person, and why?

I really like Deepika’s (Padukone) and Kangana Ranaut’s style. I think they both carry their outfits really well.


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What are your wardrobe must-haves?

Personally, good denim is important, a black evening dress is important, A good pair of flip-flops and sports shoes. I love boots. Boots are important to me. I also feel a good jacket and a good-quality scarf is important for me.


What is the most loved outfit in your wardrobe and why is it close to your heart?

I have this black dress in my wardrobe. I bought it a few years ago. It just fits me so beautifully.


What is one trend that you consider as bizarre?

I am not sure if I know all the trends. I don’t think I find anything bizarre. I like fashion trends and each of them expresses certain things.

One skincare tip you would like to give everyone?

The one tip I would give would be, wash your face and moisturise properly. Never go to bed with makeup on.

When not shooting, what are we most likely to find you doing?

When I am not shooting, I do a lot of things; I travel, meet my friends, read and watch films. I try to write. I eat a lot and cook. I sleep and exercise and play with my dogs.

You do not share your workout videos. But what does your fitness routine and diet chart look like?

Yes. I don’t really share my workout videos. I find it really bizarre. But I do yoga. I go for a run or a swim. These are the three things I love doing. I eat absolutely everything. I try to eat in moderation on most days. When I am on holiday, I indulge a lot and after that, for a month I try to eat healthy so that I lose the weight and go back to my average weight and then eat again. I just indulge once or twice a week in my normal routine.

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What is your guilty indulgence?

I have a massive sweet tooth. So, lots of cakes, ice-creams, tiramisu, croissants. I absolutely love anything sweet.

How much of your personal style reflects in your collection?

This project is extremely close to my heart. From the silhouettes to the colours and prints, it’s something I would love to wear every day. Each piece has been handcrafted keeping in mind the independent and empowered girl bosses of today, who are always busy and on the go but still want to look effortlessly stylish.

What did you keep in mind when conceptualising the collection?

The collection is specifically designed keeping the Indian body type in mind. Indian women have many different body shapes. Our mantra is to forget your size, and discover your shape. The Indian body is of a beautiful, unique proportion, and creating garments to flatter is, well, not everybody’s playing field. The collection is for all the women who want to look and feel great in their own skin.

How would you describe your collection in one word?

It’s difficult to describe it in a word. I would say, it’s body-positive clothing that makes you feel your best.

What do the words — body positivity, self-love and all-inclusive women mean to you?

In our society, people are expected to have an ideal shape and size. They are expected to fit into the smallest size. Everyone should accept and love themselves regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance. The true purpose is to love yourself the way you are, whether you are thin or curvy. They should not only love themselves but realise their self-worth which is important.

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IS.U as a brand has come up with a collection creating styles that are contemporary, millennial and unique to the Indian body type. The brand has invested about nine months getting the shape and measurements right. That’s pretty much like birthing the new size standard.

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