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Simple tips to protect your pets from heatwave

Do not leaves pets in closed garden sheds or garages as they can heat up quickly on a hot day

pet dogShinde added that the BBMP is clear that no apartments or associations can object to anybody having pets. (Source: pixabay)

The scorching summer heat can be difficult to bear not just for us but for our pets too. High temperatures and excessive humidity can be challenging, especially for dogs who are unable to cool down by sweating. Their body temperature, therefore, can rise to dangerous levels, according to an article by humansociety.org.

How do you protect your pets from the heatwave then? The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) shared some tips you should keep in mind:

*Bring your pet inside the house if possible when it is very hot.

*If they cannot be kept inside, make sure there are some sheltered spots in the garden where your pet can rest. Check if there will be shade at all times of the day, depending on the position of the sun.

*Do not leaves pets in closed garden sheds or garages as they can heat up quickly on a hot day.

*Make sure your pets have plenty of clean, freshwater to drink which is not placed in the sun. You can also put ice blocks in the water to keep it cool.

*You can keep two drinking water bowls in case one is over or gets knocked over.

*Avoid walking your pet in the heat. Take a walk early morning or evening when it is cooler.


*Do not let your pet walk on hot surfaces like pavements, roads, or hot sand. Dogs can get their paws burned.

*Never leave your pet alone in a car in any circumstance even if the windows are partly open.

First published on: 08-07-2021 at 08:50:39 pm
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