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When will the pandemic end? Here’s what astrologers have to say

While the predictions vary, astrologers seem to indicate that the virus will be in existence in various forms for at least a few more years to come

astrology, pandemicWhat do astrologers say about the pandemic's end? (Source: Pixabay)

The one thing that everyone wants to know right now is, when the pandemic will end. In the last 1.5 years, people have not only been affected physically and financially, but also emotionally. In these trying times, many have turned to astrologers for guidance and also to seek possible answers. But do they have an exact answer?

Renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla — who passed away on May 29, 2020 — had said May 2021 will see the end of the pandemic. In April 2020, Daruwalla had posted a video in which he spoke of the challenges the world will face in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. “After May 21, 2021, this disease is expected to go away with Lord Ganesha’s blessing,” he had said.

Calling astrology a “probabilistic” rather than a “deterministic” science, noted astrologer Narasimha Rao said during May 15-June 24, there will be a gradual slowdown. “By around June 24, things may be pretty much under control” in India. But things are far from over, he cautioned.

“Unfortunately, there is a chance of yet another wave (or perhaps some other disease outbreak) in India and US during Dec 2021-Feb 2022. It may be a wave hitting several countries, with a new mutation/strain that is highly contagious and deadly. So, even if things look good by then, it is a good idea to wear masks in Nov 2021-Mar 2022 timeframe and be extra careful,” he explained in a long Facebook post.

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While the predictions vary, astrologers seem to indicate that the virus will be in existence in various forms for at least a few more years to come. As such, reached out to astrologers, occult scientists, and tarot card readers to know what the stars say.

Could astrologers predict Covid?

According to Vastu Acharya Manoj Srivastava, while coronavirus was not in existence when the rules of astrology were written in India several thousand years ago, one “can still map the virus’ behaviour with those of planets — Pluto, Rahu and Jupiter — to come up with some reasonable predictions”.

“These days, Rahu is transiting in Taurus and Pluto is also retrograding until October 2021. So, the situation can remain tough till Pluto progresses to one degree in direct motion, which happens in December 2021,” he said.


The second wave of the virus hit India in April 2021, after a decline in the cases from September 2020 to mid-February 2021. This, according to experts, was led by many people ignoring protocols and not following Covid-appropriate behaviour. A respiratory viral infection like Covid-19 primarily affects the lungs, which according to Shiv Sadhika Ma Vishwaroopa, astrologer and numerologist,  is governed by planets Jupiter and Rahu.

“Currently Rahu transit is in the second number sign and Jupiter is in the 11th number. The eleventh number is Aquarius. Based on this, possibly April 2022 will be the last stage of coronavirus as Jupiter enters Pisces, the 12th sign. Yet, Rahu in the second house will give lots of financial troubles to micro families as it has a bad effect on earnings of poor people,” he explained.

Explaining in detail, Srivastava said that Jupiter was in Capricorn last year where it was debilitated, and when it entered Aquarius on April 6, 2021, it created a lot of breathing issues and oxygen shortage. “Jupiter will again retrograde and reach Capricorn, its a debilitated sign, on September 14, 2021, when more health-related situations may arise not only in India but in the whole world. From November 21, 2021, it will again enter Aquarius when we can expect another onslaught of health issues and challenging times. So as you can see till Jupiter enters Aries on April 22, 2023, and Rahu in Aries on February 20, 2023, the world will experience some or the other health-related challenges,” he said. This is why, despite many states easing lockdown restrictions, experts caution against people letting their guard down.


Agreeing, Anantikaa R Vig, certified tarot reader, crystal healer, numerologist, life and relationship coach, said a re-emergence or an uprise is possible. “Covid wave will be seen in May to the first half of July as well as December to January 2022. There are chances that we witness a re-emergence of previous problems and even an uprise of new ones like fungus. Things will be fine by January 2022. It’s really important for everyone to lead a healthy, positive lifestyle,” she said.

According to Ma Vishwaroopa, Jupiter in Aquarius but retrograde in Capricorn in June 2021 can “create a negative environment among people”. “Mars in cancer- generally considered bad but amid the pandemic, recoveries will improve but only for about 40-50 days. Rahu in Taurus can mean possible problems on the economy which can raise food prices,” she mentioned.

How soon can we go back to our normal lives? Here’s what astrologers that many believe in have to say. (Source: Pixabay)

When can we expect better times?

“Covid is nature’s way of balancing the life circle and asking people to slow down a little. After June 15, 2021, things are going to be better and, by November 2021, the situation will be much under control,” occult scientist Dr Kajal Mugrai said.

Reiterating that the battle is far from over, noted astrologers say that it’s time to start learning from the mistakes of the first and second wave.


As per Vig, due to the mercury retrograde which began on May 29, 2021, the planet of communication, commerce, and travel is moving backwards until June 22, 2021. “This is all going down in the sign of Gemini, so mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will experience the most chaos this retrograde, while air signs Libra and Aquarius will have a much smoother experience.

Based on the movement of Pluto, Rahu and Jupiter, Vastu Acharya Srivastava feels that the world will start witnessing better times from January 2022 “when Pluto comes back to one degree in direct motion”. “Though we may have to maintain caution till mid-2022 to be totally free from the pandemic in 2023. I am sure vaccination will have a huge role to play in bringing us out of these challenges,” he said.


Pandit Jagannath GuruJi, astrologer, prophesier, and philanthropist, feels that the pandemic will have a “lasting impact on mankind”. “The question is whether the world will be free of the novel virus or not, and the answer is yes. However, Covid-19 in its different/mutated forms is expected to remain in existence till 2029, though its impact will not continue to be as severe. The situation in India is likely to ease out by August 2021, but the threat of recurrent waves cannot be ruled out till at least 2025,” he mentioned.

Until then, what can help?

“Eating healthy and meditation is the need of the hour. I advise people not to ignore any health issues or take current health situation lightly,” mentioned Vig, offering a word of caution.


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First published on: 14-06-2021 at 12:30:39 pm
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