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On a spiritual quest in art

At an ongoing exhibition in the Capital, artist Aiyana Gunjan's works showcases elements from Arabic 'thulus' to Buddhism and the tantric bindu.

Aiyana Gunjan_759
Artist Aiyana Gunjan’s exhibition is on till October 27.

The entire ‘Shivoham forms a circle with the calligraphy pen. Aiyana Gunjan splashes the tuscan shades on her canvas ‘I Am’. Referring to it as the circle of life, the Delhi-based artist says, “The work is about getting closer to an unbounded consciousness of what life and death is about.”

One of the hundreds of works on display at her exhibition “The Moving Finger” at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, the watercolour marks a merger between the spiritual, abstract and the calligraphic — the overriding themes in Gunjan’s works. “I paint, not to decorate walls, but to break the walls within. My creative journey is an expression of spiritual growth. I express that in my paintings – the depth, the dimension, the perspectives of life within,” says the 45-year-old advertising professional who takes inspiration from varied sources, ranging from the Arabic ‘thulus’ script to the Buddhist concept of Ichinen Sanzen and tantric bindu.

Journey Within1_759
Journey Within by Gunjan.

The verses, therefore, are given a colour. If ‘In Praise of Lotus Sutra’, takes from the prayer, the painting titled ‘Aspiration’ has bold strokes in the Arabic ‘thulus’ script. In strong shades of indigo and crimson, the watercolour ‘Day and Night’ depicts the Buddhist concept of Ichinen Sanzen – meaning past, present, future in one single moment. “In today’s time, when we are connected to the world around the clock, there are no time barriers. There is no concept of day and night,” she says, adding, “the orange depicts sunshine in our lives and the blue is the depth within.”

There is Delhi too – in ‘Delhi O Delhi’, Gunjan draws the Delhi roads in a complex calligraphic pattern. “Her works speak the language of a meditative silence and move along the contours of her personal space,” notes curator Alka Pande.

The exhibition is on at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Cenre, New Delhi, till October 27.