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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

This make-up trend gives you fuller lips without going under the knife

Angeline Jolie lips, here we come!

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: January 28, 2020 4:30:51 pm
ombre lips, how to get fuller lips, how to get plump lips, ombre lip trend, makeup tips, makeup hacks, lifestyle, makeup, indian express You don’t have to go under the knife to get plump lips anymore! (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

We all know how the term ombré was synonymous with hair colouring, but it soon turned into a lip trend and nobody, not even us, can get enough of it. Applying a single shade of lipstick has become passé, and it is time to switch things up a bit and make it fun. All we mean to say is, Angelina Jolie lips, here we come!

Ombré, put simply, means mixing two contrasting shades to achieve a gradient lip. It is a niche take on the regular application and takes us back to the 90s when one lined lips with one colour and filled in with another at least two shades lighter. However, fast forward to the 2000s and we have a better method where blending is key because, well, nobody wants it to look like the lips were slapped on your face.

Ahead, we tell you how you can achieve an ombre lip which not only takes your beauty game a notch higher, but also gives you the illusion of fuller lips without having to go under the knife.

Step 1: First things first, ombre lips cannot be achieved by a single lipstick. You will require a handful of products, ranging from a lip liner to a lipstick that is at least two shades lighter, a tissue paper and lip balm. Ensure that you pick up shades in contrasting colours like a deep wine red and a crimson red if you want to achieve a red ombre lip. Do not pick similar shades because you won’t be able to see the gradient otherwise.

Step 2:  Scrub your lips with a scrub made of honey and sugar or you could simply dip a part of your towel in warm water and rub it to combat dead skin cells. Apply a thick layer of lip balm to seal the deal because we do not want crusty lips raining on our colourful parade.

Step 3: Now take a darker shade of lipstick liner and outline your lips heavily. Do not overdo or overline it; just enough to get a fuller pout and shade the corners to add a dimension. It might look a little messy but don’t worry just yet, as it hasn’t been blended enough.

Step 4: Next, take a lighter lip shade and blot it on the middle of your lips. You can also use a flat lip brush to apply lipstick and prevent it from mixing with your lip liner. Remember, as closer you get to the centre of your lips, keep the colour minimal.

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Step 5: Since it is all about achieving that gradient look, take the darker lipstick (the shade similar to your lip liner) and slightly add to the corner of your lips. Again, use your lip brush and blend in the area where the two shades meet. Be careful not to overdo it or the darker lip shade will overpower, eventually making it look like a solid lip colour.

At first, it may not have the desired effect, but this tough makeup trick is worth the practice.

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Tips to remember:

  • Always go for glossy or a semi-matte formula since they are easy to blend.
  • Blending and fading are the key techniques.
  • Ensure the light shade is at least two shades lighter than the dark lipstick.

Are you going to try this alternative lip plumper makeup look?

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