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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Avoid using these makeup and skincare ingredients if you have oily skin

From oils to dyes, here's all that you need to stay away from

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |
February 18, 2021 2:10:36 pm
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When you have oily skin, you know that putting together a suitable makeup kit is no mean feat. But, having adequate knowledge about what works best for your skin type can help you with the process and also make the skin healthy and glowing. After all, applying makeup should be an enjoyable experience.

Below, Shantal Mujumdar, Co-Founder of IS YOU, a homegrown skincare brand, shares some toxic ingredients you need to steer clear of in your makeup products.

Check them out and make sure to bookmark the same!

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Say no to oils with a high level of oleic acid

Whenever an oily skin type sees the word ‘oil’ in the ingredient list of their product, they frantically look for an ‘oil-free’ option. But one must understand that not all oils clog the skin pores.

Majumdar says, “Those with oily skin need to stay away from oils that have high oleic content such as coconut, camellia and hazelnut oil which sits on the surface of the skin, thus clogging pores. Instead, go for oils that have a higher linoleic content, such as rosehip oil.”

Say no to occlusive emollients

Occlusive emollients work great for dry skin but offer no assistance to oily skin. This is because not only are they greasy in nature, they can also feel heavy and sticky.

“Bid a firm goodbye to thick moisturisers and lotions, and instead embrace gel or water-based moisturizers. These will help hydrate your pores and skin sans an oily streak,” she adds.

Ditch alcohol-based products

This is one ingredient all oily-skin types should ditch because it leads to further production of oil in your pores. Alcohol is mostly found in toners and if you are looking to strictly follow the CTM routine, then Majumdar suggests adding aloe vera or pure rose toners to help calm the pores and skin.

Say goodbye to sodium chloride

Most soaps contain sodium chloride and while it is not a harmful ingredient, it can affect your facial skin. Majumdar adds: When used on oily skin, the salt clogs the pores and causes pimples. Furthermore, salt also makes the sebum much harder.

Don’t add artificial dyes

We all love a pop of colour but cosmetics such as lipsticks and blushes contain artificial dyes that are made from petroleum and coal tar. While this might work out for many but those with oily skin and acne-prone pores will only suffer. Instead, try clean beauty products made from natural and organic colours that will keep your skin calm.

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