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This hack will help your makeup last longer

Oily skin? Don't worry, we won't let your makeup budge. Check out this hack!

Want your foundation to stay longer? Try this hack. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

When you have oily skin, life is already hard. There’s a constant battle combating oils on the T-zone (forehead and the nose) and not letting your make up move when you do that. While we understand that no matter what one does, you can’t help the makeup sliding off your face and even your expensive primer doesn’t help the makeup stay.

Don’t worry we have you covered and you do not have to give up on the art (read: makeup) just yet. Ahead, we tell you about that one hack that changes your beauty game altogether.

Here are the steps to achieve it

Instead of applying your foundation first, tap on some powder and brush it across your face or areas that tend to get super oily. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Wash and cleanse your make-up just as you do, and if you want to know more on that, click here. Then, once you’re done cleansing, apply eye cream, face serum and moisturiser, allowing them to seep deep into your skin.

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Give your skin at least a good minute to settle from all the moisturiser you’ve massaged into it. Once, you have done that, your skin will feel taut. If you want to apply a blurring primer to fill pores, go ahead. Otherwise, the moisturiser acts as a good base to apply other makeup products.

Here’s the star step. Instead of applying your foundation first, tap some powder and brush it across your face or areas that tend to get super oily like the crease of your eyes and T-zone. However, keep in mind that the finer the powder, the better it will sit on your skin. For deeper skin tones, opt for a slightly tinted loose powder to avoid flashback. Those with lighter or medium/olive skin tones, go for a banana powder or simple translucent powder.

Now follow it up with the rest of your makeup. Ensure post applying foundation that you brush the powder lightly again on your T-zone and other areas which get oily. Allow it to ‘bake’. Baking is a process, wherein you let the powder stay for a good 2-3 minutes so that the excess oil is absorbed and it allows the makeup to be sealed through properly.

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Here’s what happens when you follow that one tiny step

This step helps the loose powder to fill pores, giving the skin a smooth finish. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

This step works wonders for those with oily skin who are looking for long-lasting coverage and a matte finish. Also, it is good for those who have their makeup on in heat or humid weather conditions. Even though this might not act as a foolproof hack, it ensures you don’t have to brush up your makeup with powder throughout the day.

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This step helps the loose powder to fill pores, giving the skin a smooth finish. This also acts as a better canvas for the foundation and, if you use a slightly tinted powder, you wouldn’t need as much coverage too. In fact, when you follow this step, your other pigmented products also will have their hues accentuated, like blush.

Are you going to try this makeup hack?

First published on: 25-01-2020 at 17:00 IST
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