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New year, new resolutions? Keep them simple and realistic

Resolutions do not have to be super intense and dramatic.

New Year resolutions, Indian Express news Anything remotely far-fetched is not a resolution, but a dream. Keep it real. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

With the new year charging at us, it is time to work on some resolutions. But, instead of scratching your head and thinking about something extremely elaborate, plan something simpler. Resolutions do not have to be super intense and dramatic; they should focus on you, and whatever it is that you want to do, realistically, in the coming year. Remember that anything remotely far-fetched is not a resolution, but a dream. Let us help you with some initiation. Read on.

Move around more

We are all guilty of planting our derrieres at one place and hitting the snooze button. This is not just a bad habit, but also one that is harmful for health, too. As such, in the coming year, make this simple promise of sitting around less and moving around more. It is a lifestyle change that is easy to follow. Take breaks every now and then, and walk around for bit, before getting back to your work.

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Focus on your sleep

Tell yourself that in the coming year, you will sleep better. Quality sleep is essential for the mental and physical well-being of a person. Cutting down on sleep is passé. Tell yourself that sleeping for longer hours will be on your agenda, for which you will do everything in your power. You will cut down on the time you spend on your phone, consume less caffeine and alcoholic drinks.

An activity you enjoy

Find yourself a physical activity that you enjoy and keep at it throughout the year. Like to dance? Join a dance class, or even better, practise at home. Go swimming or running, or do absolutely anything that your heart desires. The new year does not have to come with expensive gym memberships that you will anyway ditch in a month or two. Shed some kilos and have fun doing it.

Promise yourself that you will cut down on outside food and have more meals that are healthy, and cooked at home. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Find your ‘me time’

It does not matter if you are a working professional or a homemaker, a single person or a parent. Keeping some time away for yourself is necessary, and there is nothing selfish about it. So, do not think twice before getting those extra hours of sleep, or calling in to tell your boss you won’t make it to work because you intend to spend some time doing ‘self care’. Prepare yourself a nice, long bath, watch your favourite show, and/or make yourself a healthy home-cooked meal.

Eat healthy


Eat less of convenience foods and take-away orders, and more of wholesome home-cooked meals. This will keep you healthy and save you a lot of money. If you enjoy cooking, great. Prepare some meals and stay healthy. Additionally, you can hire a help or request a family member to pitch in. This year should be about your overall well-being.

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Visit the doctor

That doctor’s appointment you had been stalling and pushing aside? Time for you to make it. Regular checkups will only help you lead a healthy and it is for your own good that you see your doctor first thing in the coming year.

Travel more

Basically, step out more and have newer experiences. You do not have to plan a super-expensive international trip (though, if you are financially stable, then, by all means, plan it). A nice, relaxing journey every few days, to some quaint old town will do you good, too.

First published on: 28-12-2019 at 12:44 IST
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