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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Mira Kapoor: Can’t keep up with Shahid in fitness

Mira, who is married to actor Shahid Kapoor, often gives major inspiration — whether it is her impeccable fashion sense or her fitness routine

Written by Shweta Sharma | New Delhi |
March 20, 2020 5:30:10 pm
mira kapoor, mira kapoor pics, mira kapoor shahid kapoor, mira kapoor fashion Mira is married to actor Shahid Kapoor. (Photos: Varinder Chawla; designed by Gargi Singh)

“Girl from another world,” is what Mira Kapoor’s Instagram bio reads. True, she doesn’t belong to the world of Bollywood, but has created quite a fan base for herself over the years. Mira, who is married to actor Shahid Kapoor, often gives major inspiration — whether it is her impeccable fashion sense or her fitness routine. In an interaction with, the young mother, who recently participated in the Bio-Oil Pregathon, spoke to us about her journey to motherhood, the Kabir Singh actor and, of course, her much-admired sense of style.


You rightly pointed out on Instagram out that it is extremely important for women to take care of their health during pregnancy. What changes had you adopted during your own journey?

I think eating right, eating well, exercising according to what the doctor told me, walking, watching a movie, all of these things. Health isn’t just about physical health, it’s also about mental health. We really need to look into that for expecting moms because a happy mom makes a happy baby. So when I was going through my journey of pregnancy I was like looking at all areas of my health. Staying active, good nutrition, having a healthy and happy state of mind, everything contributed to my health.

What was the most challenging thing you faced in your journey?

I think the challenge for me the first time around was most definitely the responsibility that I am going to be bringing a life into this world. I think, you know, having a child, making sure that you bring them up correctly, give the right set of values, a happy home and a healthy life. So, I think that’s what played on my mind. More than that I had a lot of support and I really enjoyed that.

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Love and light💫 #HappyDiwali

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You are a mother to two young kids. What’s the best thing about motherhood?

Every day is different; you do something new, learn something new, laugh with your kids, grow with them. It’s about new experiences with your kids. Because I had them really young, there are so many new things that we are doing together and I feel like I am really, really lucky.

Shahid has earlier said that parenting can sometimes be frustrating. Do you need breathing space at times?

I don’t think he must have said frustrating; every parent and caregiver requires a little bit of me-time to recharge and reset. So take out a little time for yourself by going to the gym, practicing a hobby you love, working. A happy parent makes for a happy child. So just look after yourself in every way possible.

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Over the years, you have created a fan base for yourself. How long did it take to get comfortable in the world of glamour and, of course, with the paparazzi?

The industry and the media have all been very kind and I am very grateful for the warm welcome. It’s thanks to them I feel so comfortable and feel like I can say what’s on my mind. It’s a very welcoming industry. The paparazzi are doing their job and have been really kind by giving my kids their space; it’s a little bit of give and take.

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Hanging in there 🤸🏼‍♀️

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You ace couture as effortlessly as ethnic wear. What is it that you love wearing?

I love wearing both actually. Getting dressed is a way of expressing oneself. When I’m feeling great, glamorous and excited from within, I like to dress up and that shows. When I am chilling and being laidback, going out with friends for lunch, it reflects in my style. And when I am home, you can see me just in a jeans and t-shirt. But what I am most comfortable in is a sari; nothing else makes me feel the way I do when I’m wearing one.

You are often papped outside the gym. What is your fitness mantra?

I enjoy going to the gym, not to achieve a certain shape or maintain abs. It’s about having a little me-time so I can focus on being healthy, on being fit. And becoming stronger. As a mom and as you get older, you need to look after yourself. Currently, I’m doing a lot of functional training and really enjoying calisthenics.

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What does your diet chart look like? Is there something you stay away from?

I eat everything. The only thing I stay away from is meat because I’m a vegetarian.

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Promises to keep 🌸

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Shahid is known to be a fitness enthusiast. Do you keep a tab on each other’s fitness regime and diet?

I don’t think I can keep up with him in his fitness because he is far ahead. And I don’t think he would like to keep a tab on my diet because I tend to cheat more often than I should.

Though you have given your fans a peek into your personal moments. What is the best thing about Shahid as a partner and as a father?

I think we are extremely in sync. It’s like yin and yang. We have a really strong partnership. It’s about filling in for each other when you notice the other requires a little TLC or being together during a tough time. We are partners for life. We are friends and have a wonderful family.

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