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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Men, take notes: Here are five essential grooming hacks for this festive season

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Nikhil Rana shares some simple ways in which men can groom themselves this year -- without spending too much time and money

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | October 19, 2020 8:00:23 pm
men, grooming, grooming tips for men, festive season grooming for men, men skincare, indian express newsFollow these simple grooming tips to achieve that festive glow. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Around this time of the year, men and women around the country get ready to embrace the festive fervour and be a part of the festivities. As such, they make sure they look their best. Besides buying new clothes, they also go through some personal grooming to take on the celebratory season.

And while there are many editorial pieces explaining what women can do to, men often feel confused as to where to begin. But, personal grooming should not be that big of a challenge, and fashion and lifestyle influencer Nikhil Rana tells us about some simple ways in which men can groom themselves this year — without spending too much time and money. Read on.

* Smelling good with antiperspirants

“We all know we have to wear deodorant in the day and most guys are okay with it. But if we were to go by actual grooming tips, then applying some antiperspirant at night before going to bed may do the trick. It is more effective because it goes deeper into the skin and prevents body odour. You can then shower right away in the morning, and it won’t fade away because it’s not on the surface anymore,” he says.

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* Finding the correct time to shave

While it may be tempting to take care of your hygiene business before taking a shower in the morning — like flossing, brushing of teeth, etc. — shaving right after you have stepped out of the shower — when the bristles have been softened by steam, and your skin’s follicles are open — gives you a much closer, smoother shave with reduced risk of nicks.

* Learning how to pop zits

“I actually don’t recommend popping pimple at all, because you can then make it more noticeable by leaving a scare and also potentially infecting the area with your hands, but sometimes you have to do it. Simply use a tissue for it, since it keeps the bacteria away from your face and prevents more pimple from popping out.”

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* Making a fragrance last longer

Vaseline is occlusive, which means it holds substances like fragrances closer to the skin, thus making it last longer than if you were to spray straight onto dry skin. Rub a little bit of it on your pulse points before spritzing to make sure your scent lingers.

* Beating post-hangover puffiness

After office parties and binge-drinking sessions with your friends, your face is bound to look a bit puffy, especially if you have not slept well. Reach for an ice pack and place on your face for a few minutes for an easy anti-inflammatory treatment that will save you side-eye from your relatives, Rana advises.

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