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Friday, August 19, 2022

Is sweating good for your skin? Here’s what science says

Sweating could indicate that your body's temperature has been regulated and the heat has been flushed out.

sweating, sweating and skincare, why sweating is good for the skin, indian express, indian express news Sweating cleans. So it purges the skin of dirt, bad bacteria and other such impurities. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Sweating is icky, at least that is what the majority feels. In summer months, when you want to stay clean and hydrated, you lose bodily fluids when you sweat, making your skin feel sticky. This is not a great feeling, especially when you have just taken a shower. But, in extreme weather, and in places of high humidity, sweating is unavoidable. So wash your hair and tie it up in a high bun, and wipe your face as many times as you would like, but there is no escaping the sweat.

Now cosmetic companies and skincare advertisements may lead you to believe that sweating is a nemesis, but it is not. If you are not sweating, you are not getting rid of the toxins from your body. It could also suggest that the pores on your face are blocked, leading to more acne breakouts and pimples. Now these are detrimental for the health of the skin.

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It is an established fact that skincare also depends on the amount of physical activities you do, besides external application of skincare remedies and good diet. Which is why you may feel good after ‘sweating it out’ in the gym, and enjoying the natural glow on your post-workout face.

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Sweating could indicate that your body’s temperature has been regulated and the heat has been flushed out. When you sweat a lot, you also feel thirsty. This is good, because water consumption is known to benefit the skin greatly. Thus, this cycle of sweating it out and then consuming a lot of water helps your body and skin.

This process is particularly good for the skin because the water that comes out, it carries minerals and natural salt which can exfoliate the skin. Additionally, the urea and the uric acid can fight the problem of dry skin and some skin allergies.

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As mentioned earlier, sweating cleans. So it purges the skin of dirt, bad bacteria and other such impurities.

When you are working out at home and sweating a lot, it is advisable that you shower and cleanse yourself once you are done, so as to get rid of the impurities and stop them from getting re-absorbed by the skin. Focus especially on the parts where sweat accumulates the most, namely the neck region and the underarms. Use natural products — preferably homemade ones — and a loofah to gently clean yourself. Remember to not be too harsh on the skin when wiping away sweat, because it could lead to skin burns, irritation and redness.

First published on: 14-06-2020 at 02:20:21 pm
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