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Friday, December 04, 2020

Some tips to groom your beard during quarantine

Here are some easy and low-maintenance tips to keep your beard in check and of course, to ensure you continue to look dapper even during the lockdown!

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 17, 2020 5:44:01 pm
We love the rugged look when it’s maintained and duh! clean. (Photo: Getty)

With the lockdown being extended, services like hair trimming, hair-cuts and shaves are way out of bounds. While there are some men who are willing to experiment with their looks and grow a beard until the lockdown is in place, many others are waiting for an opportunity to get to the salon. But growing a beard is no easy feat. Ahead, we give you a few tips which will come handy to help you be on point with your look and hygiene too.

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Regular beard washes: Dr Mohan Thomas, senior cosmetic surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery Institute suggests to go for regular beard washes just like you do for your hair. This is important because constantly touching your beard and scratching it due to it getting itchy can contract infection. “Using a beard shampoo regularly prevents the deposition of grime and dirt along with viruses, thus reducing the chance of a viral, bacterial or fungal infection,” he says.

Exfoliation is the key: While it is imperative to scrub your body and the T-zone of your face regularly, do not miss out the skin under the beard as it gets dry and flaky too, in turn leading to a lot of ingrown hair and irritated skin. It is suggested you use your usual face-scrub thoroughly by lathering it up with water, creating soft foam and massaging it under your beard to ward off dirt, grime and dead skin cells.

how to style casual fridays semi formal clothing ideas, semi formal work wear trends, casual fridays at work fashion, indian express news, lifestyle, formal fashion Exfoliate the skin under your beard to prevent flaky skin and ingrown hair. (Photo: Getty)

Brush your beard regularly: Dr Thomas also suggests brushing your beard because it helps improve the blood circulation in the hair roots along with helping in exfoliation of the flaky dead skin which is present on the surface. He mentions, “This also removes all tangles in the hair and gives you a well-groomed look.”

Shape your beard: Men love beards but it is not child’s play as you might just end up looking like an unkempt caveman and to avoid that sight and of course, look dapper, trim it once a week. Comb through and also let your comb act as a guard. Then take a pair of small scissors and trim around the perimeter to define your beard’s shape.

Keep it moisturised: Regularly use beard oil or balm to moisturise the beard. “It is absorbed into the hair without leaving any residue which can attract grime. The active ingredients of the oil act as a sebum and provide natural hydration to the skin at the base of the beard,” he says.

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