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Some interesting ways you can recycle old perfume

Did you know you can make scented candles with using perfume?

DIY, recycling perfume, how to use perfume for other activities, how to recycle perfume, indian express news You can make scented candles at home by means of an old perfume bottle that still has a little bit of it left in it. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Instead of discarding things that you think have served their purpose, find out ways in which you can recycle them. More often than not, you will find the majority of things that you use at home are recyclable, including that old perfume bottle of yours that you were thinking of throwing away. Even if you do not use it anymore, here are some interesting alternative uses for the good old perfume that you ought to know about; read on.

Scented candles

You can make scented candles at home by means of an old perfume bottle that still has a little bit of it left in it. Just drop the liquid when you are melting the wax and then transfer it to the shaping device. When it solidifies, it will give out a nice fragrance which will instantly put you in a good mood.

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Room diffuser

If you want your room to smell good at all times, especially when you are expecting a guest, make a room diffuser out of an old perfume. In fact, you can even use the perfume bottle as a diffuser stand and fix reed sticks in it. There is no need to use diffuser oil if you are using perfume. The reed sticks, which can last comfortably for a few months, will absorb the scent and spread the fragrance.

For bathing

Yes, you can do that as well if you had not thought about it earlier. After a long and a hard day at work, you can unwind by giving yourself a relaxed and refreshing bath. Just empty the perfume bottle in the bathtub and enjoy the scented experience. You will be smelling good for a really long time.

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For your wardrobe

In lockdown, you may not have opened your cupboard as much as you would have liked. It is natural then, for your clothes to smell odd. Avoid this by either spraying some perfume directly to your clothes, or by leaving the perfume bottle in there, with its lid slightly open.

Fragrance for hair


This is the simplest use of the perfume, for days when you are having a bad hair day and feel lazy to wash it. Just spray some perfume on your hair brush or comb, and gently use it untangle your tresses and make them smell great.

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First published on: 11-08-2020 at 14:10 IST
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