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Happy Friendship Day 2017: Spoil your friends with these gifts

Friendship Day is here and we all intend to spoil our friends rotten. If you are yet to decide on what to gift your friend, then don;t worry we have your back. Ditch the chocolates and flowers this time, instead give them some fun, quirky and useful gifts.

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This Friendship Day, gift that special person in your life something awesome. You can thank us later. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Certain days in the calendar are set aside to celebrate special people. And it is only fitting that we celebrate the contributions of our mothers and fathers in our lives. Apart from them, there are also those who we choose to be a part of our lives, who stay with us through thick and thin and who provide us with a comforting hug whenever things look bleak — friends. As it is often said, friends are the family we choose for ourselves and while we speak to them almost every day of the year, there is specific day on which we intend to spoil them rotten — Friendship Day. This year Friendship Day is on August 6, and if you are running out of ideas on what to gift your best friend, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Here are some gifting ideas for your friends.

For the creative and the imaginative souls, books it is

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We all have that friend who sheds copious tears when a fictional character dies, and who cancels plans at the last minute because they have to finish the book. Sure you have fought with them all year round, and cribbed hard when they stood up on you, but make peace this Friendship Day and gift a book. Book lovers will tell you nothing gives them greater joy than a new book.


Power bank, for the night-long conversations continue undisturbed

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Call it a boring choice all you want, but in this day and age when we carry our phone chargers with more diligence than a water bottle, power banks are a saviour. Also, remember the number of times the line went dead just when you were coming to the interesting bit of your story because your friend’s phone ran out of charge? Remember how that hurt? It’s time to change that.

Plant for those who want a pet

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We all have that one friend who really, really wants a pet. And though gifting a pup or a kitten is a great idea, it is also a lot of work that said friend may not be equipped to handle. So start with something simpler and stationary, maybe? Gift a plant and let them get into the habit of watering it everyday. If you see they are doing fine, get them the pup they have been eyeing for next year.


Funky sunglasses for that ‘cool’ friend in the group 

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A good pair of sunglasses can effectively change the entire look and we all have that friend who can really carry them off. Choose your pick according to the gender and their preference, but a pair of funky eye sunglasses makes for a great gift.

A pair of great speakers for the parties that are lined up

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Let us begin by saying a par of speakers is an investment. Sure, you and your friends like similar kind of music (and if you all don’t, haven’t you forced the other to sit through each other’s favourite song?) and for all the future fun parties you both have planned in your heads, having a good pair of speakers is a must for that.

Quirky eye masks for the sleepyheads

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Eye masks are quirky, fun and very useful. And believe us they make great gifts. Most of us have a friend who loves to sleep and will tolerate no disturbance, so for them get these fun eye masks and see their face light up in joy. Believe us.