How to get rid of hangover and bloating this festive season

How to get rid of hangover and bloating this festive season

From using ice cubes to drinking water, here a few simple tricks you can use to get rid of hangover and bloating with ease.

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Here are some tips to get rid of hangover and bloating. (Source: Getty Images)

For most people, puffy eyes, swollen face and a bloated stomach is part of the year-end festivities. While food and drinks are something that can hardly be avoided during the celebrations, no one wants to wake up with a headache and a bloated belly the next morning.

To make your life easier, follow these simple tricks to keep yourself fit as a fiddle.

Keep yourself hydrated

You must have heard this a hundred times but drinking water is enough to keep bloating or digestive disasters at bay. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from our system and keep the digestive tract moving. Alcohol, being dehydrating in nature, encourages water retention in the body that makes our eyes, belly and face puff. Consuming enough liquid does well to reduce it.

Chamomile tea

For those of you who wake up with puffy eyes and a heavy head the next day, turn to chamomile tea. Sipping on some warm brewed chamomile tea can soothe a hangover. For puffy eyes, take used chamomile tea bags, let it cool and apply on your eyes.


Ice massage

If you take in alcohol or oily food, chances are your face might get bloated. To reduce the puffiness and bloating from your face, rub some ice on it. It will tighten your skin and reduce bloating.

Lime water and ginger detox

To get rid of bloating and hangover, look no further than simple ingredients in your kitchen. Take a glass of warm water and add lemon juice and a spoon of freshly pounded ginger to it. Stir well and drink it to get rid of belly fat and heavy headedness.

Eat smaller portions

Eat smaller portions to give your digestive tract some time to work. If small meals leave you hungry and low on energy, perk up with a healthy snack like crackers or some fruit.