Why rebonding may not be the best treatment for your hair

Dr Kiran Sethi, a dermatologist, wrote that hair rebonding "is the ideal technique for getting sleek straight mane especially if you have frizzy and unmanageable hair."

hairHair rebonding is an ideal technique for getting sleek straight hair. (Photo: Pexels)

There are many products and treatments that promise lustrous, silky, bouncy, and smooth hair, One such procedure is hair rebonding’ that, no doubt, smoothens out the hair. But, it must also be known that it comes with many side effects.

Taking to her Instagram account, Dr Kiran Sethi, a dermatologist, wrote: “Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that relaxes your hair and makes the curls turn straight in the process. This is the ideal technique for getting sleek straight mane, especially if you have frizzy and unmanageable hair.”

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However, she added that there are many side effects, too. “If you opt for hair rebonding, you are going to see more breakage, more hair fall and your hair will be damaged in the longer run,” she said in the video.

*After rebounding, your hair requires utmost care and maintenance since it becomes fragile. “For the first month, the hair cannot be tied or tucked behind the ears or else it might cause damage,” she wrote.


*The trauma from all the chemicals used in the procedure could be damaging to the scalp and even burn it or break the bonds (of the hair) so that they are unrepairable.

*Also, she informed that the damage could be long-lasting if the temperature of the metal plates used is higher than required or if the chemicals are applied for a longer time.


*Toxic chemicals are used which may cause hair loss and the hair gets weaker after every touch-up.

*Since it is a permanent procedure, the expert said that the effects are long-lasting and there is no turning back to your natural hair.

*”This procedure can cause major hair fall, breakage, and frizziness in the long run, causing breakage,” she added.

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First published on: 16-08-2022 at 07:00:38 pm
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