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Five easy tips on good nail hygiene during the monsoon season

Let's take you through five tips to keep your nails healthy, kempt, hygienic and away from any fungal infections and chipping

monsoon and nail hygiene, how to take care of nails, how to care for nails in the monsoon season, nail care, nail care at home, nail care tips, indian express newsCut your nails short to avoid biting them (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

Among other things, the monsoon season is particularly harsh on the skin. It can lead to bacterial and fungal infections. Just like the rest of the body, the nails also need cleaning and grooming throughout the year, and more so when it rains. Otherwise, they may teem with germs, and that is an unfavourable scenario.

Auric Beauty, a colour cosmetics brand, believes there are many simple things you can do to care for your nails. So, let’s take you through five tips to keep your nails healthy, kempt, hygienic and away from any fungal infections and chipping. Read on.

1. Keep your nails dry

Take extra care to keep your nails dry at all times, especially your feet and toenails. As your feet get most exposed to splashy water around monsoons, your toenails become more vulnerable to damage. The humid and muggy environment results in the formation of dead skin cells and infectious bacteria leading to the accumulation of dirt. Also, try to skip wearing closed leather shoes all day long, as it will give the fungus a perfect habitat to thrive. Wear open shoes, floaters or chappals while stepping out and once you are back, dry your feet and nails.

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2. Use antifungal powder

Add anti-fungal powder to your monsoon hygiene essentials. Once a day, apply it around your toenails and fingernails to prevent an infection. If not an anti-fungal powder, you can also make use of a generic talcum powder or spray deodorant to keep the fungus away.

3. Regular trimming

Cut your nails weekly or bi-weekly depending on your growth level, as long nails give a safe space to all the bacteria from the splashy water and humidity to spread. Moreover, due to the dampness, your nails become slightly soft and it becomes easy for them to bend or break. So, make sure to keep them short, trimmed and use a good quality filler to smoothen the edges.

4. Avoid pointy tools for cleaning

It’s a very common practice among women to use long pointy tools for rigorous cleaning under the nails. This can result in creating a gap between the nail bed and the nail, allowing an open door to itchy monsoon infections. Alternatively, you can use a nail brush to scrub your nails gently.


5. Use base coat

Give extra care to your nails by using a base coat before applying the nail polish, as it will add a protective layer and prevent your nails from getting weakened. Further, while removing your nail polish, use a good quality nail lacquer remover to keep the surface of your nails and cuticles smooth.

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First published on: 03-08-2021 at 04:00:12 pm
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