Europe just got its first sex doll brothel in Spain’s Barcelona

Europe just got its first sex doll brothel in Spain’s Barcelona

Similar dolls are already a big hit in Japan and Malaysia.

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Customers can choose from four dolls. (Source: LumiDolls)

Barcelona in Spain just opened it’s first agency that offers people to have sexual interaction with dolls. The agency called the LumiDolls claims to be Europe’s “first sex doll agency”.

Customers can choose from an array of options and can avail the services on an hourly basis. They can enjoy a “pleasure” session at the agency or ask for a doll to be sent home. There is also an option to purchase a doll of their choice. While a 30-minute session would make one lighter by €80 the price for a home-services is only available on consult.

The agency’s website claims to take care of any need and fantasies customers may have and explicitly asks them not to be “hesitant” in sharing their preferences and details as they would make sure to “satisfy your desires correctly”. “In each room, you will find a large plasma TV where you can play a series of films that you can choose in your privacy, that will help you get into [a] situation. Along with the dim candlelight and your SexDoll on your side, it will be a unique experience,” the website reads.

The company provides for four life-size dolls–two European variants, one Asian and one whose look is inspired by a Japanese anime character. The four dolls also vary in height and other characteristics. The agency vouches that clients can fulfill any “fantasies without any limit” with these “totally realistic dolls.”

The dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomer, a material renowned for its softness, and the website is keen to point out that the dolls are “properly disinfected with special antibacterial soaps” before and after each service. Even then they recommend the use of condoms.

The Lumidolls website also adds, “Tell us how you want to encounter your doll, what kind of clothes you want her to wear and in what position she should be.”

While the newly launched services has raised many eyebrows around the world it’s not exactly shocking. Barcelona is home to Museu Eròtic de Barcelona, a museum which offers an extensive historical and cultural record of the influence of eroticism in mankind from the beginning of time.


And as many studies in the recent past have suggested that sex with humans could soon be a thing of the past, this seems to be just a big step towards it.