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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Dry shampoo: A quick fix for every working adult

Dry shampoo doesn't require water and is a blessing on days when you don't have time to wash your mane. There are more benefits to it. To know more, scroll down.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |
November 5, 2019 9:00:39 am
The MVP of multi-taskers is your dry shampoo. This mighty marvel contributes so much to your hair game on days when life is tough. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Your lipstick doubles as a blush. Your petroleum jelly turns into a highlighter. Don’t you love beauty products that multi-task? And without question, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of multi-taskers is your dry shampoo. This mighty marvel is so valuable when you’re crunched for time and out and about, meeting professional and social priorities with, well, hair that isn’t oily.

Here we are talking about this underrated product, which deserves immense gratitude from all working adults.

What is dry shampoo?

It is a type of hair product that claims to reduce oil, grease and dirt in your hair. Unlike wet shampoos and conditioners, dry shampoo can be applied to your hair while it’s dry, which is how it gets its name.

Dry shampoo doesn’t need water to be washed out of your hair. It’s typically applied to the crown of your head and other areas where oil and shine may visibly collect. It is a blessing after a sweaty workout or for even extending the life of a salon blowout.

The product isn’t really a full-blown shampoo since it doesn’t clean your hair. Their simple job is to absorb all the excess oil from your hair which results in “apparently” clean mane.

This is why your hair is often oily during winters

How does it work?

Your scalp is covered with hair follicles, that is not only known to sprout hair but also build sebum which gives your hair the texture it needs. Sebum although makes your hair oily but also serves an important purpose since it protects the scalp. While a certain amount of oil on your head is normal, an oil buildup gives your hair a greasy and a dirty appearance.

Dry shampoo, like mentioned above does not have any cleansing agents but is equipped with active ingredients that soaks up oil and sweat from your hair. Dry shampoos also include fragrances which makes your hair smell fresh, after all, everybody loves hair that smells amazing.

Washing, blow-drying and styling your hair on a daily basis can be time-consuming. Moreover, it might not even be good for the health of your hair. That’s when this product comes handy.

Benefits of dry shampoo

1. It makes life easier

Dry shampoo gets rid of the grease in your hair and scalp without the need for water. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Adulting doesn’t really give us the time to wash our hair and sometimes life just gets in the way leaving your mane looking gnarly and matted. Dry shampoo gets rid of the grease in your hair and scalp without the need for water. 

This is great for when actual washing is inconvenient, like when you’re travelling or have a toddler who won’t let you out of his sight for more than a minute. Moreover, it’s perfect for those in-between days and if your hair is the type that doesn’t agree with daily washing.

2. You can use it anytime, anywhere

Dry shampoo is also great for when you’re heading off to dinner after a long day at work. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Get your hands on a travel-sized bottle of dry shampoo, tuck it into your handbag and have fresh smelling hair whenever and wherever you like. For example, if you go to the gym during lunch but don’t want to go back to work with greasy hair, a quick brush of dry shampoo will revive your locks in no time.

Dry shampoo is also great for when you’re heading off to dinner after a long day at work or after a long flight when your hair needs that extra boost.

3. It minimises hair damage

It avoids the beneficial oils being scraped off the head which is healthy. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Dry shampoo saves you from having to wash your hair every day which also means not pouring harsh chemicals on your head daily. It avoids the beneficial oils being scraped off the head which is healthy. We suggest, when you wash your hair in the morning, apply dry shampoo before bedtime. The powder will absorb the excess oil as you sleep.

4. It gives your hair more body

Dry shampoos do double tasks of not only absorbing excess oil but also keep them away from getting flat. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Dry shampoo instantly makes your hair look thicker, which is great for those with fine or thinning hair. If you usually rely on volumising sprays, go for a dry shampoo instead. It will do the double duty of not only absorbing excess oil but also keeping your hair from going flat.

5. It saves your colour from fading

Dry shampoo doesn’t strip your hair of colour. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Unlike regular shampoo, dry shampoo doesn’t strip your hair of colour. It’s particularly useful if you colour your hair blonde, as some dry shampoos can leave a whitish cast that lightens hair and hides dark roots. This allows you to go longer between visits to the salon and ultimately saves you money.

6. It helps your blow-dry last longer

Dry shampoo offers more volume to your hair. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Dry shampoo helps you save money by extending the life of your blow-dry. Because of the volume it offers to your hair, many stylists, as a result, use dry shampoo to keep hairstyles in place longer.

7. It’s good for the environment

Don’t use dry shampoo on your scalp for more than two consecutive days. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Washing your hair less frequently means you’re using less water and adding fewer chemicals to the environment. It also means you’re not using up energy to heat your bath water or to blow-dry your hair.

Remember, dry shampoo can never replace a basic shampoo. Remember, it works best in emergency situations but do not use dry shampoo for more than two consecutive days.

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