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Fight the frizz with these haircare tips

"When the humidity in the ambiance is really high, my hair puffs up. It becomes frizzy and totally unruly," said Dr Rashmi Shetty, a dermatologist

frizzy hairTry these tips to manage frizzy hair. (Photo: Freepik)

Frizzy hair is extremely common during monsoons which becomes worse as the humidity increases. “When the humidity in the ambiance is really high, my hair puffs up. It becomes frizzy and totally unruly. I literally can say what is the humidity in the air just by touching my hair and seeing how my hair behaves,” said Dr Rashmi Shetty, a dermatologist, in an Instagram video as she doled out the following tips to manage the frizz.

*Oil your hair: Massage the hair with hydrating or moisturising oils like argan, coconut, and jojoba. “Remember, do not be aggressive with the massage (champi). Be gentle,” she wrote in the post.


*Don’t over shampoo your hair: We think more is better and often end up applying a lot of shampoo. But according to the expert, too much shampoo can dry out the hair. “You should use small quantities of shampoo, dilute it, and use it only on your scalp. Even those who oil their hair should not over use shampoo to wash off the oil,” she added.

*Leave conditioner for a little longer: You should apply conditioner only on the ends of the hair and not the scalp. “Some days, when you have time, you can even leave the conditioner on for a little longer than usual — around 30 minutes or so and then wash it off with cool water. Avoid over washing after applying conditioner. A quick rinse to get the conditioner off is all you need,” she mentioned.

*Use soft, microfiber or bamboo towels while drying your hair: These are not harsh on the hair and do not cause friction and breakage, too.

*Allow your hair to dry naturally: You may even use some anti-frizz serum. If you have to use a dryer, use cool air instead of hot air. Dry only the scalp with the hair dryer.

Dr Rashmi suggested supplements like RA skin hydrate and primerose+ to hydrate your hair from within.

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First published on: 05-09-2022 at 15:00 IST
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