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Want to boost hair growth naturally? Here are some simple tips

Drinking enough water ensures your hair is hydrated; it reduces the risk of it breaking

healthy hair,Simple tips to boost your hair growth naturally. (Source : Getty Images/ Thinkstock)

You may have been led to believe that hair care is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires a lot of products. But, this essential part of our daily routine requires a few basics, starting from choosing the right products to eating well, especially if you are looking to increase the volume.

Ritkita Jayaswal, the CEO and founder of Nourish Mantra suggests the following simple tips for boosting hair growth and making it healthy; read on.

1. Have a protein-rich diet
Your hair is made up of protein (keratin), and that’s why a protein-rich diet is a great way to boost hair growth. A proper diet also helps maintain hair health and keeps it soft, shiny, and strong.

2. Stay hydrated
Like the rest of your body parts, your hair also requires water for sustenance, making it crucial to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water ensures your hair is hydrated; it reduces the risk of it breaking.

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3. Regular hair massages
Everyone loves a relaxing hair massage. They are clinically proven to promote hair growth and relieve stress. Scalp massages increase blood circulation, prompting the blood vessels to pump more oxygen and nutrition to the hair.

4. Avoid chemicals
Toxic chemicals aren’t good for your hair, and that’s why you need to stay away from them. Many styling trends like hair colouring can cause stress to your roots, hampering hair growth.

It is recommended to use natural shampoo and conditioners as they do not contain toxic chemicals like parabens and sulfates.


5. Reduce the usage of stylings products

Extreme heat isn’t good for your hair as it dries it, making it more susceptible to breakage and split ends. This is why it is advisable to keep the use of curling rods, straighteners, and blow dryers to a minimum. Also, you should use protectant products before styling your hair.

“These natural tips for hair growth would work even better if you combine them with natural hair care products. Healthy hair is not a one-day job; it requires time and a tiny bit of effort,” Jayaswal concludes.


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First published on: 23-05-2022 at 13:20 IST
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