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Are you sleeping right? Here’s how a bad posture may affect your skin

Are you sure your preferred sleeping position is not causing any harm to your face?

A bad sleeping posture can leave wrinkles and prominent lines on your face, and even do some long-term damage. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Everybody has a certain way of sleeping at night. And while it may feel comfortable for the body, it can do a great deal of damage to the face. A bad sleeping posture can leave wrinkles and prominent lines on your face, and even do some long-term damage. Elaborating on this, Soumali Adhikary, a beauty and lifestyle content creator shares with some dos and don’ts for shut-eye. Read on.

How does sleeping on the side impact the skin?

While it may feel comfortable for a person to drift off while on their side, Adhikary says “consistently rubbing your face into the cushion can make structured lines because of the pressing factor of the pillow on the face”. “On the off chance that you are sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, you may make your skin dry on that side, as prolonged exposure to cotton can do that. Try not to rest on your side, but in the event that you should, keep switching sides. Also, buy a silk pillowcase which provides a more smoother surface for the skin to rest,” she says.

Should you sleep on the stomach?

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Some people love to bury their head under or into their pillow while sleeping on their stomach. But Adhikary warns that this may cause “liquid to gather under your eyes, making them look puffy”. “Another explanation is that your skin would feel the squeeze from the pillow, which pulls at it. If you have oily skin, your face will move a portion of the oils to your pillow which can obstruct your pores.”

What about resting on the back?

“This is an ideal rest position — you’re not applying pressure for the duration of the night. Unlike sleeping on your side or stomach, liquid will not gather around your eyes. Also, your face won’t touch the pillowcase, thus avoiding the back-and-forth exchange of oils, dirt, and grime. To up the stakes of this position, apply a sleeping cream or overnight mask.”

The soldier position

According to Adhikary, this position “is a poor choice for snoring and may prevent you from getting a restful night’s sleep”. The sleepers lie on their backs and their arms are down and close to the body. “Approximately 8 per cent of people sleep like this. But if you don’t get enough sleep, it will cause dark circles underneath your eyes, which is the last thing you want.”


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First published on: 05-04-2021 at 19:10 IST
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