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Friday, May 14, 2021

Are you free internally? Join the Freedom U.0 movement to know

Are you really free to live, grow, lead, create, act or is there something holding you back? We need “Internal freedom”!

September 15, 2014 1:00:42 pm


By Santosh Sharma

I would like to ask a very basic question.

Are you really free to live, grow, lead, create, act or is there something holding you back?

If it does, then we need something that’s much more fundamental, far more relevant and way too intelligent than the physical and economic freedom.

We need “Internal freedom”!

We fought for our physical or political freedom and now we are also moving towards our economic freedom. However, there is something still missing. We are still not happy or at peace as we lack our internal freedom. And because of this the real hero inside you and me still fails to express itself.

Let’s call the physical freedom as Freedom 1.0 as it represents Growth phase 1 where the objective is political freedom. Then the economic freedom is Freedom 2.0 as it represents Growth phase 2 where the objective is economic in nature. However, internal freedom is not 3.0 as it is not just an improvement in the same plane. We represent internal freedom by Freedom U.0 (U – as it begins with You and version 0 – as the movement has just begun). This is the Ultimate growth phase. Now the objective is not narrow but holistic in nature. This new age freedom movement revolves around you and me!

The villains that stop us from physical and economic freedom lie outside us but the villains in case of internal freedom is within us. We call them the Gang of Five.

The tools we use for physical freedom is revolt or ahimsa. The tools we use for our economic freedom is we use economic models that push the consumption cycle up–and-up. However, the tools we use for internal freedom is “Dissolving the box”. Here ‘box’ is nothing but mental cages that holds you and me back. It represents our biases, limitations and walls that limit our real freedom.

In case of physical freedom we had a handful of leaders like Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Mandela, Martin Luther King Junior and so on. In case of economic freedom also we have a handful of leaders like the TATA, Birla, Murthy and so on. However, in case of internal freedom we encourage mass leadership where you and I become real leaders. Now all of us are capable to live, grow, lead, create and act effectively.

Our evolution is at stake if you and I fail to work out for our internal freedom. All personal, professional, social, economic and political ills are because of lack of internal freedom. Issues like corruption, crime, rape, suicide, terrorism, discrimination, lifestyle diseases, underperformance, low coping mechanisms and so are because of the Gang of Five internal villains that does not allow the leader to express itself and we all suffer. A top down approach with police, legal and political intervention is not enough. We also need a bottom-up approach where each one of us evolves ourselves. So friends arise, awake and stop not till you actually free yourself from the Gang of five internal villains.

To know more about the villains and the internal freedom read our next article “How our internal villains distances us from our original self.”

The writer is the cultivator- Freedom Foundation. He is also the author of “Dissolve the Box” and a visiting faulty at the IIMs. He was given the Star Citizen Honour for 2013 and is fondly known as the freedom man.

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