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Five tricks you must teach your puppy

Training your puppy is vital to ensure you have an amazing relationship with your pet

Dogs, Dog trainingTraining your dog is very simple; all it takes is a little time and a lot of patience. (Source: Pixabay)

Your dog is your best friend, your confidant and the one person who is going to be by your side no matter what. You could do a lot of things with your dog–you could go for a walk, go hiking or even take him to the beach but nothing comes close to the fun you have when you are teaching him new things to do.

Training your puppy is vital to ensure you have an amazing relationship with your pet. It is also a really nice way of bonding with your pooch. Besides giving your dog something to work on, it is also incredibly cute to see your little munchkin perform these five basic tricks.


Paw is one of the easiest ricks to teach your doggo. (Source: Pixabay)

We’ll start with the easiest of tricks. Get your puppy to sit and hold a treat in front of his face. Don’t let him eat it, just hold it in front of his face till he calms down. Wait for a while. Your puppy will automatically put his hand on you, asking for the treat. The second he does this, say the command you want to use (“paw” or “shake”) and reward him with the treat and praise him for doing a good job. Your little furball should be able to get this down in just a few successful repetitions.

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Training your dog is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can enjoy. (source: Pixabay)

The high-five is just an advanced version of the paw. All you need to do is, once your puppy learns paw, keep increasing the elevation of your hand gradually till his pawing resembles a high five. Now, everytime he does a high-five, say the command you want to use (“high-five”) and reward your puppy.

Say ‘hi’ or ‘bye’

Believe it or not, this is something you can make your dog do and it isn’t even that tough to teach. Get your dog to sit down in front of you and ask them for a high-five. Right when they do that move your hand away so that your pup is just swinging his paw in the air as if to say hello. When this happens give him your new command (“Hi,” “Hello,” or “bye”) and reward him with lots of treats and attention.


This fairly simple trick will make anyone who sees your puppy melt. Just make your little one lie down and place a treat in your hand just out of your pup’s reach. Once your pupper wriggles closer to get the treat, move it further away. Your pup should automatically start to crawl. Give him your desired command and treat him as soon as you see him crawl. This is fairly simple and your dog should learn this with just a few days of practice.

Roll Over

dog training Teaching your dog to roll over can take some time. (Source: Pixabay)

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and also a little more advanced than our previous tricks. Get your puppy to lie down and slowly lure him with a treat in your hand. Bring it to the side of his face and once he starts to follow, take it over his shoulders behind his head. Your puppy should roll on to his back. From here, lure him further to the other side until he is lying down upright again. Give him your command and reward him. If it seems like you are getting nowhere with this at first just keep trying. This will take a little more time to get right. Remember, all it takes is a little time and a lot of patience.


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