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Five common mistakes to avoid while using turmeric on your skin

"The golden spice is used not only to flavour our meals but also aids in the reduction of numerous skin-related issues and make our skin glow," said Rakhi Ahuja

turmeric, bone cancer, cancer, indian express, indian express newsTurmeric helps in the reduction of numerous skin-related issues and make the skin glow. (Source: iStock/Getty Images)

Almost everyone is going the natural way to take care of their skin, hair, and overall health these days. People have realised the power of natural ingredients and have started utilising handmade and kitchen goods to care for their skin instead of spending a lot of money on chemical-based products. Turmeric is one such popular ingredient that is used in all skincare regimes and is consumed.

“The golden spice is used not only to flavour our meals but it also aids in the reduction of numerous skin-related issues and make our skin glow. We commonly use it to enhance our immunity or use it as a face pack,” said Rakhi Ahuja, managing director and founder of Jovees.

However, some people make certain mistakes when applying turmeric to their skin. Here’s what they are:

oily skin, skincare for oily skin, skincare routine, skincare tips, indian express, indian express news Overdosing your skin with turmeric can also cause acne. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Mixing unnecessary ingredients

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Turmeric is a fantastic spice in itself, but it’s important to be aware of what else you’re mixing it with. The most popular ingredients to blend with turmeric are rosewater, milk, and water. “If unnecessary ingredients are introduced, they may harm the skin by reacting with turmeric. Turmeric has the active ingredient curcumin, which is a very good anti-inflammatory agent,” Ahuja told

Keeping it on your skin for a longer period

Turmeric gives everything it touches a yellow tint. Hence, you should be cautious about how long you keep it on your face. All face packs should be removed from the face within 20 minutes, and turmeric is no exception. If you leave a turmeric face pack on your face for an extended period, it may lead to yellow markings on your skin. Hence, keep track of the time. Overdosing your skin with turmeric can also cause acne.

Not rinsing well

With the stress and rush of daily life, we often overlook crucial aspects of our skincare routine, one of which is thoroughly washing our faces. Following the removal of turmeric from our face/skin, we should thoroughly rinse it with cold or room temperature water. While you’re at it, don’t forget about the corners of your face. A light moisturising cream should be followed after this.


Using soap

Another typical blunder is washing our faces with soap after applying a face pack. After removing the turmeric pack, avoid using soap on your skin or face for 24 to 48 hours.

Applying it unevenly

We apply turmeric face pack unevenly in a rush, which is another typical mistake that we should avoid. The turmeric will not function well if it is applied unevenly since it will not cover your complete face. Furthermore, you may see a patchwork face since the area where you applied turmeric will be a little yellow, while the rest of your face will be normal. An even and thin layer should be applied to the skin. It should be applied on the face as well as on the neck. Don’t forget the area around your neck!

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