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Friday, February 21, 2020

15 signs of people who hate their work; are you one of them?

I am sure even you know few such people and if you do not, then maybe you are one of them.

Written by Siddhartha S | New Delhi | Updated: May 27, 2015 6:05:28 pm
job-hater-main Disengaged employees hate their job and pass on the blame on others (Source: Thinkstock Images)

“Work rarely kills, laziness kills regularly”

I often get to meet a lot of people feeling disengaged in their work-lives. I am sure even you know few such people and if you do not, then maybe you are one of them. It is so very easy to spot them in an office because of their peculiar behaviour.

15 signs of a disengaged employee

1. Gossip lovers: They are always gossiping about their colleagues, bosses or celebrities.


2. Let’s complain and blame: They are complaining about something and blaming someone for the situation they are in.

3. Let’s shop and socialize: They spend maximum time on social media or e-commerce websites.

4. They love their phones: They spend time on personal calls or personal work during office hours.

5. Always hungry and looking for a break: They are always found in the cafeterias or outside the office taking long food or cigarette breaks.

6. Work less so that salary appears more: They do not have any sense of purpose, urgency and ownership towards the work assigned to them. They only work so much that their bosses do not fire them.

7. Always miss deadlines: They are always behind deadlines and asking for more time quoting some excuse as a genuine reason

8. Free-loaders: They are always looking for someone who can complete their work

9. Their bosses never understand them: They are unhappy about their appraisal, boss, colleagues and client.

10. Hate Mondays but love Fridays: They are always waiting for the weekend and barely make it through the work-week. They hate Mondays and only love Fridays.

11. Always exhaust sick leaves: They fall-ill more often and take leaves regularly.

12. Average is good according to them: Give them some work and you can be sure that the output will be sub-standard quality.

13. They already know everything: They are not willing to learn and upgrade the skills they need to be successful at their work. They are always finding problems within a system or a project but will never do anything to change it.


14. No one can teach them anything: They refuse to change or accept feedback from anyone. Give them feedback and they will stop meeting you regularly.

15. They are always busy: They are always busy doing nothing. They have a huge ego and a false sense of busyness. They can look at their computer screen for hours pretending to be busy.

Workaholic or work-frolic?

Kindly note, I am not suggesting that we should be ‘workaholics’ because they are no good either. Their work-success comes at the cost of relationships, health and happiness. What I am alluding to are the happy and productive professionals who are always enjoying their work.

They are looking forward to new learning and challenges because it is the only way to grow our minds. If they do not know something about a problem they are willing to learn what it takes to solve the problem.

Work is a privilege and it must be appropriated by our own initiative. Do not be a cry baby and learn to take charge of your professional life. If you do not like what you do then you should quit because you will never be successful at it.
Siddhartha Sharma is the bestselling author of 5 books- 60 Keys to Success, The Millionaire Entrepreneur, Love Your Mondays and Retire Young, Thank God It’s Monday, and Mom I Got the Job. His seminar, workshops and books have transformed over a million lives. He is the CEO of Success Monks and can be reached at his Facebook Page-

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