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Monday, March 30, 2020

15 greetings from around the world

Did you know that people 'stick out their tongues' to greet each other in Tibet and 'raise their eyebrows' to acknowledge presence in Marshall Islands.

Written by Parmita Uniyal | New Delhi | Updated: March 16, 2015 4:54:02 pm
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Did you know that people ‘stick out their tongues’ to greet each other in Tibet and ‘raise their eyebrows’ to acknowledge presence in Marshall Islands. Like we Indians say Namaste or touch our elders’ feet. Here’re 15 unique greetings used by people around the world.

1. When in Tibet, stick out your tongue to say hello!

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2. “Where are you going?” is a polite way to start a conversation in Malaysia

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3. Press the knuckles on your forehead to greet elders in the Phillipines

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4. And we know this. We greet elders by touching their feel in India.

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5. And this is how you greet each other in Thailand. 

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6. People in Greenland place their nose and top lip on the cheek or forehead of their companion and breathe in.

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7. Bedouin tribes rub noses to greet each other

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8. Clap Clap

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9. People of Maori culture greet with their noses and foreheads

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10. You raise your eyebrows to acknowledge presence in Marshall Islands

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11. Kneeling and touching forehead is a form of greeting in China. In India, we call something similar as Sashtang Pranaam.

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12. In USA, people bump their fist together. You see we Indians are quick to adopt. This greeting is popular among college goers or in informal setups in India.

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13. In West and North West Zambia clapping and squeezing of thumbs is a friendly greeting.

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14. Salame in Malaysia…

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15. The Kanouri tribe in Niger wave their fists close to their head and say “Wooshay”

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(The infographic is made by Two Little Fleas)

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