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Why learning to be alone and enjoying it is a superpower

Speaking of meditation, Naval Ravikant says, "All it is is the art of doing nothing, and it's important..."

solitude, meditationNaval Ravikant and Joe Rogan discuss the importance of solitude and meditation. (Photo: Pexels)

The endless scrolling game of social media has made it difficult for all of us to stay still for a long time. We always want to be stimulated, engaged, and in company, whether physically or virtually. In a podcast with Joe Rogan, Naval Ravikant shares how growing older has made him learn to appreciate solitude.

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Ravikant says when he was young, he would take pride in the fact that his brain can work all the time, or that even if he was in a queue, he can simply scroll on his phone and bide time. But now he looks forward to “solitary confinement” and if he is left alone, it’ll be his “happiest day”. He adds is a “superpower that I think everybody can attain”.

To that Rogan says he thinks “there’s these times where you just think about things — just be alone and think about things — are so rare these days, and I think during those rare times is when you really get to understand what you actually believe or don’t believe.”

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Ravikant shares how meditating is something everyone says they’re doing, but nobody really is. He says people often compare their meditation techniques and how many trips they took a day, but according to him, meditation is not about those things.

“All it is is the art of doing nothing, and it’s important because I think when we when we grow up, it’s all this stuff happening to you in your life and some of it you’re processing, some of it you’re absorbing, and some of it you should probably think a little bit more about and work through, but you don’t you don’t have time so it gets buried in you.”

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First published on: 31-05-2022 at 08:20:47 am
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