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‘Boredom is gateway to a creative mind’: Watch this motivational video

Daydreaming can be an outlet for creativity.

bored-pexelsRead on to know how you can spend moments of boredom well. (Representative photo/Pexels)

What do you usually do on days when you get bored? Scrolling through social media, binge-watching movies and TV shows etc., are all options to keep the emotion at bay. But, there is a way to channel your boredom into something more productive.

Our brain comprehends things in many creative ways when we are bored or procrastinating. As such, venture capitalist Loïc Souêtre explained that boredom can be a “gateway to a creative mind”. Watch the inspirational TEDx talk here:

Often, you will notice that boredom is usually followed by procrastination or daydreaming. Souêtre did not classify them as negative feelings and instead said, “What’s great about daydreaming is that it comes from nothing. You were simply there looking at me standing in front of you and you started to think, and then you noticed the rush of new thoughts, new ideas and perspectives!”

He continued by saying that one should embrace boredom. “You should be happy to be bored because it’s an incredible source of creativity. It gives us the opportunity to have new ideas that could disrupt our world, to adopt a new perspective and to think outside of the box, or simply to consolidate our experiences within our mind.”

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He concluded by saying that boredom is productive in a way. “It gives us the opportunity to have new experiences and to have new ideas that could disrupt our world.”

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First published on: 17-01-2022 at 08:20 IST
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