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Thursday, August 06, 2020

Morning motivation: Start your day with a positive intention

"It’s all about intention. When you direct your focus to the good - you will see more good. If your focus is directed to the stress and struggle - you will see more stress and struggle."

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 6, 2020 8:00:56 am

Often, we are in such a rush that we don’t realise that we are not truly living our life, but just passing time. In this video by the YouTube channel, Fearless Soul, Bobby Baker says, “Instead of jumping out of bed and rushing right into the stress of what you need to do…breathe.”

Take this moment to re-align your mind, body and brain with the joy that lives inside you. Your day is your choice to make. A choice where you either want it to be just like every other day or turn it into something better. “You do this by giving yourself time by re-aligning your brain with positivity,” says Baker.

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Redirect your mind to what is good and that will make all the difference. Do this by finding answers to the question – what is good in your life right now? Take a moment to think about it and begin your day with intention and positive affirmations like ‘I will be kind. Today, I will be present and today, I will be happy’. You decide what kind of a day you will have; not what happens, but how you will respond to it.

If your focus is simply directed towards stress and fatigue, all you will see is just that. Navigate your mind to better and positive things in life.

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Believe that every day is a new day. It is a fresh and clean canvas. You can paint whatever you want on that canvas no matter what happens. You are the artist, add some colour, some joy and some life to your canvas!

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