Don’t be full of yourself: IPS officer and author Amit Lodha

Don’t be full of yourself: IPS officer and author Amit Lodha

Bihar's super cop Amit Lodha on why one shouldn't get blinded by success.

Known as Bihar’s ‘super cop’, IPS officer Amit Lodha shares how sometimes pride takes the better of oneself. “I became the SP of Nalanda when I was 25 years old and then SSP of Muzaffarpur. And I thought life would go straight up. I started behaving as if I would be DGP of Bihar very soon. I became a little conceded. I became a little cocky. Too full of myself,” said Lodha, who struck down one of Bihar’s most dangerous criminals who had killed 15 people in a matter of 24 hours, in this inspiring TEDx Talk.

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Bihar’s super cop Amit Lodha shares the importance of not getting overpowered by success. (Source: Amit Lodha/Facebook)ALSO READ | The country’s democracy must remain eternal: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

He further emphasised that one shouldn’t get blinded by success. “When you get a lot of success in your career, you start believing that you can never go wrong. But I had a massive fall,” he shared.

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“The government changed and I was relegated to a post where there were no bodyguards, no bungalows and no salary. I started feeling as if all my fans have deserted me. I was very frustrated and it spilled over to my family life. But soon, I realised, my problems were nothing,” he added.