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Five ways to boost your self confidence

"Self-confidence is when you are sure of your choices and know what you want," says Dr Rahul Taneja, consultant, psychiatry, mental health, and psychotherapy, Paras Hospitals

Self confidence, how to boost self confidence, trust your ability to increase self confidence, leave your comfort zone, learn new thing, life positive, indian express newsWhile some people are naturally confident, others doubt their capabilities. (Photo: Pixabay)

Self confidence or faith in oneself is one of the most important qualities required to succeed in life. While some people are naturally confident, others might doubt their capabilities and have little trust in their abilities.

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“Self confidence helps you live a better life. Self confidence is when you are sure of your choices and know what you want. It can be inculcated over a period of time by practising things that can boost it like looking your best, achieving certain goals, etc.,” said Dr Rahul Taneja, Consultant, Psychiatry, Mental Health, and Psychotherapy, Paras Hospitals.

Our confidence can get affected by a few factors including our physical appearance. “Appearance anxiety can bring down your confidence. Anxiety or nervousness around people is also needed to be overcome to become confident,” he said.

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The expert suggested 5 ways that can help build your confidence

Start trusting your ability
It is important to have faith in yourself and when you trust your abilities it leads to a boost in confidence. “When you start believing that you “can” do it, then it automatically raises your self confidence,” said Dr Rahul.

Step out of your comfort zone
When you leave your comfort zone and do things that are new to you then it gives you a sense of power. “It is like you trust yourself that you can do it all. That is the feeling you should keep looking for,” he added.


Stop looking down upon yourself
According to Dr Rahul, we should not use negative sentences like ‘Oh I could never’ or ‘I wish I had it in me’. “If you don’t have something great to say about yourself do not start thinking you don’t worth anything. Being humble is one thing and questioning your self worth another. The latter brings down your self confidence,” he said.

Learn new things
At first, it may seem difficult to pick a new skill, but learning new skills help boost your confidence.

Get over your insecurities
We all have insecurities and it’s a part of human experience but “when it comes to building up self confidence, insecurities work like unannounced earthquakes, it can ruin you in moments if you’re not careful in dealing with them,” he said.


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First published on: 28-07-2022 at 09:10:34 am
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