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Are you preventing yourself from living the life you really want?

Asking yourself if you are really happy with where you are in your life is key to finding the truth about your own self.

Are we giving in to our fears just to get by in life? Sticking to the ordinary because we are scared we might fail in our real pursuits? Career coach Ashley Stahl, in her Ted talk, shares a compelling story of fear and helplessness, and how she empathises with people who are lost in life, unsure of what it is that they actually want.

She begins her talk by sharing a harrowing tale of the fateful day when her family thought she had been kidnapped, when in reality, she was at her place of work, unscathed and unaware. When Stahl finally reunited with her parents, her father sobbed inconsolably, having been under immense stress and trauma, fearing for his only daughter’s life.

That day, Stahl says, she realised that the scammers, who were trying to hoodwink her father, were actually directionless souls looking to commit crimes to survive. “I wondered why would somebody choose a career path of scaring people like that and robbing them of their life savings. And the only answer I could come up with was: maybe they didn’t think they had a better option,” she recalls.

Life Positive, career, goals, Indian Express news Stahl believes that when we go into fear, we give away our power and disconnect from who we really are. (Designed by Gargi Singh)

“I am my own kidnapper,” Stahl says, adding that she had an awakening that day, when she thought of all the ways in which she silenced the truth of what she actually wanted. “I thought about how so many of us choose majors in college or career paths that we don’t even want to be on, because we think it is going to help us survive, get by, or meet our needs in the world,” she says.

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Don’t let wealth determine your happiness

Stahl goes on to say that when we go into fear, we give away our power and disconnect from who we really are and what we really want. She shares ways through which we can release ourselves from our own shackles and find our real calling.

“We all have the opportunity to free ourselves, and it starts with really taking a look at who you are; doing a self audit; following what feels good, and taking action,” she concludes.

First published on: 05-12-2019 at 07:45:57 am
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