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5 ways you can break emotional addiction cycle

"Remember practice is key here, because the emotional addiction cycle is very familiar for those who have lived it for a while," said Nipa Asharam, a life coach

The emotional addiction cycle is tough to break but we need to do it for our own wellbeing. (Photo: Freepik)
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The emotional addiction cycle is real and at times it can be really hard to break it. It can affect our life adversely.

When cribbing, complaining, criticising becomes a habit, wanting some form of drama most of the time becomes a lifestyle; without the high-strung emotions life seems boring and unfamiliar, and peaceful activities and relationships do not last because they are out of the comfort zone. Days often begin and end with high heart rate — these are signs of emotional addiction cycle.

“Today, we have tried to provide very basic steps and routines to slowly get out of it. Remember practice is key here because the emotional addiction cycle is very familiar for those who have lived it for a while, so keep practicing these steps,” said Nipa Asharam, a life coach, in her Instagram post.


Change your morning and night routine
Instead of waking up with a high heart rate and an endless narrative of things to do, do not touch your phone and just focus on deep breathing with soothing music. If it feels uncomfortable, or nonrelaxing, take a break and come back to the exercise.

Eat without TV and dramatic conversations
We usually eat and discuss work, situations or someone’s life, etc, or watch tv that offers the same drama. Instead, try and eat in a quiet place and chew your food 22 times.

Check yourself cribbing, complaining, or criticising
Awareness is power. Initially, you might find it hard to stop or you might need to leave that environment, but do it for your own sake. Break the cycle. The best thing to do is stop and just focus on your breaths for a minute.

Gather knowledge to talk about other stuff
We have been so used to only talking about a certain thing that we have no topic other than that to talk about! So, gather knowledge, be curious, and learn new stuff that you can share, this will replace old topics slowly.


Eliminate the clutter of the emotional addiction cycle environment
It includes friends or some kind of tv shows you consistently watch or WhatsApp groups where this is discussed etc. If you don’t like the environment, you can’t find a new one or even love a new one.

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First published on: 08-12-2022 at 08:20 IST
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