‘Household beauty products’ can do more harm than good’

Using vinegar to heal pimples,or mayonnaise to sooth eczema,could aggravate the conditions.

Written by Agencies | London | Published: October 12, 2012 4:39:00 pm

Using bizarre household products as part of your beauty regime could leave the skin damaged,experts have warned.

According to a new survey,mayonnaise,toothpaste and honey are some of the everyday items that people own up to slathering on their bodies in a desperate bid to treat spots or dry skin,the Daily Mail reported.

But pharmacists have warned against believing old wives’ tales.

Using vinegar to tackle pimples,or mayonnaise to sooth eczema,could actually aggravate the conditions,the experts said.

Some 65 per cent of the 5,000 adults surveyed by beauty company Care said they regularly used household goods to tackle skin problems.

Half of all respondents said they had resorted to the bizarre remedies because they had developed allergies to commercial products such as perfumed moisturisers,soap and washing powder.

“These everyday products are not intended for topical application and may actually aggravate the skin condition further,” pharmacist Steve Riley said.

“Toothpaste,for example,can be useful for drying out pimples,as it absorbs oils but can contains high levels of hydrogen peroxide,which damages healthy skin cells causing burning and irritation.

“Vinegar and lemon juice both have acidic properties which can have a harsh drying effect,causing irritation,abrasion and redness of the skin.

“Even dock leaves,which are historically useful in treating nettle and bee stings,should be used with care as rubbing too hard can move the sting and cause more irritation,” he added.

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