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Sunday, April 18, 2021

World Health Day: These things will help you curb your holiday stress

Keeping everything in mind, we try our best to not mess up any details of our holiday trips, be it booking for the right hotel room that will give the best view, or scheduling the itinerary perfectly. On World health day we discuss how you can avoid being stressed while you are out for your vacation.

Written by Anjali Jha | New Delhi |
Updated: April 10, 2018 4:49:01 pm
world health day, health stories, how to stay healthy, how to take less stress, how to deal with stress, holiday stress Do you take excessive stress during holidays? (Source: Thinkstock Image)

Planning a holiday could be as exciting (and stressful) as actually being there, and so many of us often take quality time to plan out our annual vacations. Keeping everything in mind, we try our best to not mess up any details, be it booking for the right hotel room that will give the best view, or scheduling the itinerary perfectly. However, have you ever wondered that while taking care of every minute detail, you could end up missing the actual purpose of the getaway?

According to findings of a 2015 survey conducted by Healthline, a consumer health information site in San Francisco, California, 62 per cent of respondents described their stress level as “very or somewhat” elevated during the holidays, while only 10 per cent reported no stress during the season. Despite the intended fun and enjoyment, holidays can be a time of stress, anxiety and depression for many people. “Holidays in India is quite different compared to Western countries”, said Dr Sanjay Garg, Senior Consultant, Psychiatry, from Fortis Hospital, Kolkata. “In Western countries, even a weeks’ stay at home is considered a vacation. Whereas we Indians consider travelling and visiting new places as a holiday. Therefore, a lot of efforts goes into making things ‘perfect'”.

With the summer holidays just around the corner, why not take a moment to breathe and consider the main purpose of the vacation – to destress. And if you’re still struggling, with both the idea and the execution, then here are few tips to curb holiday stress and enjoy to yourself to the fullest.

Hectic last days

Before leaving for your holiday, we are super overworked and busy tying everything together so that you can freely leave for a few days. But all that work takes a toll and spills over on to your holiday. Due to the excessive workload on the very last day, people are so tired that on the very first day of the vacation they just sleep for the whole day rather than exploring different places. It takes time for them to unwind. So, as much as you think the office won’t function if you don’t ensure everything’s in place, take a step back and delegate. If you walk into your break with a loaded mind, by the time you unwind, it’ll be time to get back.

Saving during the vacation

Often people save up for their annual vacation so that their finances are in place and the “big” vacation doesn’t make a big hole in their pockets. But doctors such as Dr Garg advise that all that planning should be done before the vacation, and not during. Taking cheaper options that are inconvenient often leads to more stress while ON the break, and thus defeats the whole purpose. Odd-hour flights cause lack of sleep and cheap hotels cause irritation, all of which eventually ruin the whole point of that holiday.

Overpacked itinerary

Sightseeing is a very important part of going on a trip, but often we end up making the list so jam-packed that people don’t get a single day to rest and relax on their vacation. So, it’s better to keep some gaps in your itinerary so that you are not very tired at the end of the day. You can always come back later and see other places if you really like a place.

Digital detox

While sunbathing by the beach if you keep attending constant phone calls from the office and reply to emails, it’s not much of a vacation is it? While half the people want to keep their social media “happening”, some go crazy posting live pictures and putting up screenshots on Snapchat. This is all great, but make breaks a time to detach yourself from all these gadgets and just spend time with your loved ones, even yourself and the world around you. A cursory picture is not bad, but don’t forget to see your surroundings without the camera lens as well. Also, it helps to curb over expectations that happen seeing certain bloggers or travel trip pictures. “Holiday stress usually refers to the stress felt by a person in anticipation of, or during a holiday or vacation. Having unrealistic expectations of instant relaxation and tranquility the moment we begin an holiday, is one of the most common assumptions that causes a feeling of disappointment, and can precipitate even more stress”, said Dr Kedar Tilwe, Consultant, Psychiatrist, Sexologist, Department Of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi.

Spending quality family time

Due to a hectic schedule and overworked lifestyle, nowadays families are not used to spending much time together. So when the kid has to be around their parents or parents have to take care of everything that the kid needs without the help of a maid, it has been found that it gives a lot of stress to the said parents. Chill. Get to properly know your kids. It’s okay to make mistakes, because that’s how you will learn, and that’s how they will also know that they don’t have to be absolutely perfect at all times.

Hectic last day of the vacation

This can be your biggest mistake when it comes to creating mess and stress on your vacation. Keep your last day chilled out; do all the gift shopping beforehand so that on the last day you can just be around and enjoy your company peacefully. That helps to start a new journey and also keep you happy even after you return back to daily routine.

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