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Why choosing a right water purifier is important

What should consumers be looking for? Which features should they consider before purchasing a water purifier?

Water contamination is a serious problem in India

By Rajeev Jain

Water contamination is a serious problem in India, leaving many consumers to search for reliable access to clean, safe, drinking water. Consequently, many manufacturers have developed a variety of different water purifiers to meet the growing demand in the Indian market. However, due to the large number of brands, models and price ranges to choose from, consumers are often finding it difficult to determine the best option. What should consumers be looking for? Which features should they consider before purchasing a water purifier?

First, consumers need to check whether or not the water purifier uses reverse osmosis (RO) filtration. As the most advanced filtration system on the market today, RO filtration helps eliminate almost pollutants in contaminated water. This even includes heavy metals and viruses that cannot be eliminated with conventional filters.

Other water purifier manufacturers are relying on total dissolved solid (TDS) controllers and additional minerals, which they claim improves the taste of the water. However, many consumers are unaware of the fact that these particular water purifiers usually feature a UF filter that mixes the water. The result is that they are unable to completely eliminate most viruses, limescale or heavy metal substances that are harmful to the body. To guarantee the cleanest, safest water possible, a water purifier with a good RO filter is an absolute must.


Second, in order to store water safely, the water purifier must be kept in an airtight stainless steel container. Even if the water purifier is equipped with an RO filter that can effectively eliminate contaminants, if the water is not stored safely, the risk of secondary contamination increases. Water tanks made of plastic in particular are prone to encourage bacteria growth, and if the tanks are not tightly sealed, it is easy for oil, air, dust and even insects to enter and contaminate the water. Consumers need to check to see whether the water purifier is equipped with a stainless steel water tank with an airtight seal before purchasing.

Third, because continual maintenance is necessary, consumers are advised to choose a well-recognized brand that has a reliable maintenance control service system.

With all of these factors to consider, some consumers might be looking for a little guidance. That being the case, LG’s latest water purifier is a great place to start.

Equipped LG uses a True RO filtration system with 8 stage purification process. It also does this without mixing in other water sources that might enable contaminants to seep in.

Moreover, due to its anti-bacterial properties, LG has also integrated an industry unique Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank™ First protection is airtight sealing tank cover that protects purified water from insects and impurities invasion. Second protection is stainless steel tank that prevents bacteria and algae from forming, and is ultimately far more hygienic than conventional plastic tank. It also manages to keep water fresher for longer, ensuring that the water tastes fresh.

LG’s Digital Sterilizing Care™ cleans the internal hard-to-reach parts of the water purifier by transforming ordinary tap water into a natural disinfectant. LG also offers extra peace of mind with a top-notch maintenance contract program, ‘LG Happy Care Service’. Customers will receive regular visits from qualified servicemen to hygienically clean the water purifiers with Auto Sterilizing Kit.

Not only does LG’s water purifier provide clean, safe, drinking water, the 2-in-1 Water SolutionTM feature also offers consumers the unique convenience of a secondary valve located on the side of the water purifier to wash their vegetables and fruits

LG’s water purifier is available for purchase at various stores across the country as well as most trustworthy home appliance stores.

The author is Sales Head, Home Appliances, LG India.