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How the ‘rule of 80/20’ can help you stay consistent with your diet

Anupama Menon, nutritionist and food coach, cautioned against combining "too many foods in your main meals"

weight lossHere's what to consider when trying to stay consistent on your fitness journey (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)
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Many of us struggle to keep up with our diet goals. If you, too, are then allow us to tell you that one of the most important things to remember when on a diet is to keep a note of what and how much of it are you having, and not starving yourself. But how do you do that? Nutritionist Shubhi Shivhare took to Instagram to share a few tips that will help you stay consistent with your fitness journey while also allowing room for a little indulgence — something that will motivate you to stay on track.

*Follow the rule of 80/20 – Eat healthy 80 per cent of the day and in the remaining 20 per cent, you can have a small piece of chocolate, or a cold coffee with less sugar as a snack. Agreed Anupama Menon, nutritionist and food coach, and explained that one of the most important contributors to your weight loss goals is meal planning.

“An understanding of what you need to eat, a little bit of prep, a grocery list – are what you need to start planning your meals. Most of time, we reach out to the wrong food when the right food isn’t available. Which is reason enough to plan your meals in advance,” she said stressing that it is all about “what to pack or keep ready for, for that time of the day”.

“If you are at your hungriest best — a cheese sandwich, or if all you need is to snack — fruit and nuts, and if the crunch is what you long for — makhana/bhel. The risk of the healthy food not being available is the most probable give-in to a fried samosa or a pastry or an unreasonable burst of love for a packet of chips. And finally keep at hand the most important nutrient that you could put into your body – water,” said Menon.

Other points to keep in mind include

*Opt for a diet that is sustainable – Completely quitting chapati or rice or any other food that you’ve been having since childhood won’t help you in the long run.

*Stay away from guilt trap – Never feel guilty after indulging in your favourite foods. Stay positive and get back on track next day.

*Don’t store junk and packaged foods – This will ultimately keep you away from binging on them unnecessarily.

*Understand the difference between physical and psychological hunger – Drink some water if the hunger is just in your mind.


*Avoid midnight cravings – Brushing your teeth will help. Alternatively, keep some healthy snacks like makhana or fox nuts, roasted chana or chickpeas, peanut laddoo, or rice crackers handy. These will keep you away from chips or aerated drinks.

Are you curbing your cravings? (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Agreed Menon and cautioned against combining “too many foods in your main meals”. “Too many foods mean too much to digest. Do not burden your system. One kind of protein, one kind of carbohydrate, and one vegetable, possibly an addition of a salad is all that your body needs for one meal. With this combo, one rarely lands up overeating,” she told indianexpress.com,  emphasising on patience as a virtue.

“Know that results will be achieved, but not by magic. It requires consistency in exercise, food balance, clean eating, claiming back one’s circadian cycle routine — all of which may take time. Give yourself the time to reach your destination with happiness and health,” said Menon.

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First published on: 06-12-2022 at 19:00 IST
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